Suicide Rates Among Secular Individuals

Do you think this is just the logical conclusion you arrive at when you see the world as mechanistic, deterministic and completely devoid of objective meaning? Latest person is a really really nice guy, extremely well paying job, cute gf, a kid, own house, two cars.

I meet extremely impoverished kids doing the AGIP anti gang volunteer work, kids raised by addicts, kids who’ve spent their life in care, then in youth offenders etc. And over the years ive been involved not a single one i know as they’ve grown up has tried suicide.

I don’t think its as simple as “middle class lifestyle makes you a pussy” or the whole good times create weak people thing because some of the toughest people I know are rich or reasonably well off, so its not causative. My step sister is part of MINDS and she says that depression and depersonalization in particular is becoming more and more common younger and younger. People feeling life itself doesn’t feel real or that hyper-reality like tv shows and films feel realer than reality and living in the real world feels fake.

She said that when they have kids who have been taken into psych safeguarding, a common theme is they can’t live without being plugged into a device, even sitting to eat or going to the toilet they need a podcast playing or to be scrolling or watching. She said it made her realise that she doesn’t ever walk the dog or drive home in silence. And when she tried to do it that it felt awful and now shes on a no devices no tv thing for 6 months.

Ive got a baby on the way and I have over 12 nieces and nephews and i really fear for them. The only well adjusted ones seem to be the ones who live with my extremely strict religious relatives. Mostly in poor rural villages. The urbanites or “rural” by western standards ones are all weirdly autistic seeming despite not being autistic. When I got out of prison I noticed how completely ruled by technology and distraction most people were. Similarly girls told me things like it was “amazing” i didn’t watch tv or porn etc.

Is this a technology thing? A religious void thing? A life too easy thing? If I have to attend another funeral for someone who was really nice but decided to just kill themselves I might lose hope for the future tbh. Guy was 26.

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Religion didn’t help your criminal ass. The idea that you would talk about being well adjusted when society decided you couldn’t be trusted with your freedom is ridiculous.


I wasn’t a criminal when I was a gangster. I was an atheist lol. Kinda proves the point.

You were a scumbag.

That’s a strange question to ask. If you were to look at all of the people who have endured serious traumas, I would bet the majority haven’t committed suicide.

i believe the main reason suicide rates are higher for atheists, is that they are 100% convinced that the end of their life equals the forever termination of their consciousness. what a surprise they are in for…


Explain Muslim suicide bombers.

They suck at life so badly that it’s their dumbfuck cherry on top of a life that could have been better spent as a tapeworm or sewer rat.

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Religion and also having a deep sense of purpose/meaning etc is known to be a protective factor when it comes to suicide but not necessarily suicidal ideation.

I think if you can find some light (however dim and remote a the time) and or meaning in of the tunnel of your struggles, you can probably find a way through. And, religion probably can help with that.


It is primarily an alienation and despair thing. But to get to the bottom of it involves some very naughty talk that is best not discussed online. I’ve already discussed in several threads the breakdown of social institutions that previously kept anti-social behavior in check.

72 virgins is a misunderstanding by non arab speakers, 72 used in the language just means “shit load” and the hooris are a different creation from humans, as humans take a different form in paradise. Its weird the west is so terrified of muslims but don’t know very basic stuff about the muzzies. Surely knowing ones enemy might help you defeat them lol.

Could you give a brief outline because i genuinely find most of your takes very interesting, would you say.

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lol you don’t really think that do you? Suicide bombers are more likely to have a PHD or masters than a US serviceman, even a non infantry one. Suicide bombers usually come from well off families and give up good careers. They are the ideologically motivated ones rather than the rank and file local fighters.

In the book architects of jihad the data shows that they are 11-12x more likely than the average westerner per capita to hold a phd and 19x more likely to hold a masters. Even the leaders, zawahiri was a pedeatrician lol. Mqadisi was a PHD, Qutb was a literary genius.

Suicide bomber is a western term. The term they use is ishtihadi, and they refer to the act as a martyrdom operation. In fact if the applicant is at all depressed or wants to die for terrestrial reasons they are denied the role as then it would be suicide. This is actually why the istishadi camps have spiritual guides who if they find depressed people who just want to die to end suffering they are weeded out. The intellectual forces behind al qaeda mainly maqdesi wrote about this is his books that al qaeda used to explain their posiiton.

“Suicide is the act of killing ones self to escape his miserable lot, to escape pain and suffering rather than endure with patience and taqwa, the one who commits this sin will spend all of eternity killing himself over and over in the same manner”.

“The Istishadi, who boldy races to his qadr (destiny) is the spark that ignites the flames of war, who plunges into the enemy aiming to kill and to be killed, he who has everything to live for, family, community, the joys and blessings of the dunya, but sells all of that cheaply in order to sacrifice for his lord and to disuade the criminal kuffar from attacking and abusing the muslims, he is one who shall never die but rather he will be with his lord and in the highest places of jannah”.

In fact the status of a shuhadah, especially one who died with the intent to die and set out to die, is so high within salafi jihadism that one of the main inner destabilizations within ISIS was there was a mini revolt from the levantines because saudis and baghdadis family were getting priority in martyrdom operations and people on the waiting list were dying before they got the chance to carry one out.

This can be sourced in the books way of the strangers by graeme wood, the missing martyrs by an author i dont remember their names and my life in jihad by abbas.

Thanks. I will try to answer when I have more time as I think I’ll be long winded.

I do, without regard for their education or lack there of if thats the culmination of all of their lifes efforts and experience.

As opposed to what the grunt infantryman who goes to iraq gets blown up having worked at a gas station and never attended university? Like what is the point? At least one died for their metaphysical beliefs. The other died because it was better to join up than work at burger king.

Half the 9/11 hijackers were architects, engineers or computer programmers lol. I don’t know many marines who left a job as an engineer to go fight in iraq.

Which translates to loser.


That doesn’t mean anything to me. If a guy comes up to me singing allah balla boomballa or what ever and wants to kill me I don’t care what he went to college for, and a couple letters after his name aren’t going to stop me from dropping him.