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Suicide By Squats?



Has anybody tried this workout before? How would this compare to other squat workouts (ie. 20-rep squats, Smolov, etc.)


My legs hurt just reading that. The only thing that I would be worried about is the supra-maximal set. Otherwise, just the sheer number of sets using similar movements will kill you.


I've done it....couldn't walk until the morning I had to it again.


I see. Has anyone else done these? Can this kind of workout be done with deadlifts as well?


You want to do with Deadlifts, it could be done, but you wouldn't be able to move afterwards.


Thanks for the replies. I'm kinda surprised too few have done these before. I thought a lot of you would've tried it at least once.

I may try it next year. I wonder if doing it once every week for a month would be optimal.


I wouldn't do it more than 3 sessions, once a week, the 4th week, you'll either die or fry your CNS.


What kind of strength gains would you expect from this program?