Suicide Bench Grip?

So I saw some old videos of you benching in the gym as well as in meets and noticed you used suicide grip. I’ve benched both ways and found suicide grip felt better on my shoulders however there is the safety aspect. Did you feel like suicide grip increased your bench number or was it a shoulder angle / injury issue.
I’ve not seen many power lifters geared or raw use that grip so really just curious as to why you used it. Thanks Paul.

People always cite the safety issue but I’ve seen guys have the bar come out of their hands that had full grip on the bar. I’ve had the bar pop out one time in 20 years of using that grip. So I’m actually not sure why it’s still called the suicide grip. I used it because I honestly felt stronger with it than the thumb around the bar. And with all my pressing, I just felt that I could find my groove with it better.

Right on! Kinda been my thinking I’ve always felt stronger using but kinda let supposed safety concerns switch me back even though I never had personal issue using it. I always felt the angle on my shoulder was better as well. Thanks for the reply