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Ok so I have:

10ml deca 200mg/ml
10ml Sustanon 250mg/ml
6 weeks of winstrol tabs(50 mgs everyday)

I know many people like to go heavy on the test, but this is all I have. This is my first cycle.

I was thinking:

10 weeks of 1ml of sust. and deca a week
Take the winny the first 6 weeks of the cycle.

Does this sound good or should I frontload and make the cycle 8 weeks?

Any help would be great.

"Trying" for 5 years Training for 3
I eat 4,500 to 5,000 cals a day

I'm looking to add 15 pounds even 10 would be nice.

Also for PCT I have clomid and nolva, I was thinking:

week 1: 150mg clomid 40mg nolva
week 2: 100mg clomid 30mg nolva
week 3: 50mg clomid 20mg nolva
week 4: 50mg clomid 10mg nolva

Do I need anything else? I will not be purchasing hcg because despite the high talk of it through my research I've found it only prolongs the crash Clomid tends to do just fine. However if there is anything I need or if this is a poorly setup PCT plan please critique. I am a newbie so all suggestions are helpful.

Thank you


Everyone is going to tell you to run more (or equal) test than deca, and to run the test longer than the deca. Why? Because deca is very suppressive- naturual T-levels will plummet, so if you want to avoid sexual dysfuntion, you need test (and 200-250mg/week is just maintanence levels) Also deca lingers in the system for a long time. So if you stop your test and deca at the same time and try PCT, you will have trouble. Because the deca will still be lingering and causing suppression.

The general practice is to stop deca 2 weeks before you stop test.
I have never used deca, probably never will. So I can't give you advice from experience. All I know from reading is what I told you. So at least front-load the deca (maybe 500mg)and increase the weekly dose (maybe 250-300mg) so you can use it up in 6-8 weeks, while running your test for 8-10.


I would run the test @ 500mg and deca @ 250mg.



Wait till you get more gear. What about PCT, have you really done the research?


the dosage on the test and deca is more than suffice. That is enough gear for a good bulking cycle with good gains to boot.Get your ducks in a row as far as pct goes or you will grow your self a nice rack if you are not carefull.




I think you need a little more test bro. I can help you out there. Also, need at least a-dex to run this puppy just in case. Hit me back here or PM me


What else are you planning on taking, suppliment wise? You will need something for your joints with that much winny and you're not running tren. Try MSM and glucosamine.


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This post is the way I would run it right now with the knowledge I think I have, and hopefully to learn if/when I get flamed for it

Week 1: 500 mgs Deca

Week 2: 250 mgs Deca, 250 mgs Sust

Week 3: 250 mgs Deca, 250 mgs Sust

Week 4-8: 200 mgs Deca, 250 mgs Sust, add in the Winny

Week 9: 250 Sust, Winny

Week 11 (1 week after last injection): Run the PCT you have planned


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If this is all you have and you are going to go ahead with a cycle...i would run it like this:

week 1: 500 mg sust, 400 mg deca
week 2: 250 mg sust, 400 mg deca
weeks 3-8: 250 mg sust, 200 mg deca
week 9: 250 mg sust
weeks 7-12: 50 mg winny ED

PCT starts week 13

not the most ideal set-up, but workable.

good luck