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Hi, I am 21 year old student doing sport science at uni. I’ve been training properly for the last 4 years and weigh about 110kgs and can bench 1RM 140kg. I am not able to train as much as i would like during term time so I want to be able to take advantage of the holidays and make some big gains in strength and also shred a few pounds of fat cos i have packed on a few during term time. When I can train properly I will do 3 heavy weights sessions and 1 light one a week, topped up with a bit of cardio. I have been using Metrx protein plus and Mass action staight after training for 2 years now with good gains achieved. Anyway I am interested in trying to improve further and am wondering if there are any other supplements I could take to boost this. Am interested in anything legal!

Supplements are a dime a dozen. If you are on holiday, I would suggest perhaps 2-a-day workouts. This way you could take advantage of the post workout anabolic window twice a day. That’s a great “supplement” and it won’t cost you a thing other than time and effort.
Sounds like you are a big mofo, keep up the good work!

Sounds good to me! Could I make even better gains with a twice a day split if I added something like MAG-10, 1-AD, 4-AD, M or Alpha Male and then maybe HOT-ROX to shred? I have limited knowledge of the pro-hormone etc area so any advice would be gratefully recieved.

M or Alpha Male wouldn’t really have any beneficial effect here, what you would be looking for would be increased recovery ability. Of course, MAG-10 etc. would help but it is no longer availabe unfortunately. All methods of active recovery would be crucial, you can search for these on the site. My favorite is cryotherapy, which was introduced to me by charles staley. basically it is an ice massage. Take an 8 oz. styrofoam cup fill it with water and then freeze it. immediately after your workout, peel the bottom of the cup off and massage the area you just worked with the ice. peel more of the cup away as the ice melts.
Your post workout nutrition windows are where you can really make some gains if you are doing two a days.

Thankfully I still have access to MAG-10 although not the LEGACY version, the ones with the gold coloured caps, because I am in the UK where it is currently still legal.