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I was hoping some of the vets of this forum might make some suggestions. I have 100 winny tabs that are 10mg each and 5 bottles of Mag10. I am contemplating a single dose of Mag10 a day and 30 mgs of Winstrol a day for 4 weeks and follow it up with Tribex and M.
Can anyone let me know what your opinion of this cycle is.

Thank you

i suppose you could make some pretty good gains on that stack. however i would recommend some fina.

but dont quote me…im drunk

Seems like a straight-forward and mild cycle. Should be no problems. I’d like to know what kind of gains you make with this stack.

I did Mag-10 before and wasn’t pleased with the results vs. cost. I assume this would be your first cycle of anything, correct? Anyway, let us know how it goes.

I did a similar cycle last winter. I used a single serving of Mag-10 ed & 100mg of oral winny ed for 50 days. I made okay gains - 12lbs. I am not a huge fan of Mag-10. If you are trying to bulk, which I was, I really had to eat my ass off.

I’ve used the Mag10 before and although I can’t tell you what the weight gain was I did put a 1/2" on my arms in two weeks. Would anyone suggest more Winny? I don’t want to go overboard on my liver but I’d like to see some decent gains.

And yes, this would be a first time for me with anything other than Mag10


For the amount spent on the mag10 you could have easily bought a very good cycle with ancillaries. If you do decide to do this cycle, most of your results are going to come from the Winny. And I would suggest at least 50mgs a day as the Mag10 won’t really give you any effects to speak of. Get rid of the mag and buy some Fina

Personally, I would go a straight six weeks with a single serving of Mag-10 ed plus your winny @ 50mg ed. Divide your winny and take it every few hours to keep blood levels consistent. Then get something for post cycle to get your nuts going again.

Nothing wrong with stanozolol and any other androgen. Its like butter, doesn’t mess with other flavors.

Thank you for the suggestions/advice. TrenFreak would you make a suggestion as to how much Fina I should take with the Winny?