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Hello everybody,
Just curious as how some of you would go about this situation. I tried to do Meltdown training a few weeks back. I enjoyed the workload and was pretty satisfied with my workouts. I did encounter one problem though. It is basically the fact that I workout in a commercial gym. Therefore, trying to do the workout without someone jumping in and arranging the equipment is a problem. Part of me gets pissed off, and the other part realizes that it is a gym, and people are entitled to use the equipment. So, what would you folks do. Would you split the workload and only do a superset at a time?

I will typically leave a towel and/or drink/water by each station that I am working in between.

Most people will notice weight loaded on a station and at least look around for someone using it before taking it over themselves, having something sitting there just confirms someone is using it. Typically you’ll be finished with your previous station and rotating before they give up and take it over…

People like that are complete slapdicks. Seriously, if I would see anyone going back and forth between multiple (more than 2) stations, I would break their jaw. If you need to fucking curcuit train, join fucking Curves.

Well I doubt curves has a squat rack and a place to do chins.

All you need is a squat rack…

u do the pullups on it…the squats on it…the push ups in it and the deads right behind it…

the other day you only need 2 stations…a dip station and someplace to do the push press…grab the dumbells and door your walking lunges…

people might give you shit for taking up 2 olympic bars but honestly you using it for like 20 minutes…just get it done

Landon, dude, haven’t you ever done a frickin’ superset? That’s sure as hell not circuit training.

I often have to adapt the lifts doing any kind of superset to things that are close together in the gym or are available. Sometimes I just split the superset and do the individual lifts with short rest. Not exactly the same thing, but you do the best you can.

Exactly, that is what I thought about doing as well. Splitting up the superset with shorter rest intervals. If you guts are familiar with Meltdown training then you know that you do 4 consectutive exercises. I usually do group everything to me, the only problem is that the gym is huge, so the squat racks are far from the dip station (which also serves as a spot where people like to do hanging leg raises). I am not the big of a dumbass, I was just looking for a different outlook and how to make it more effective in a commercial gym.

I say fudge’em and do your meltdown. come early in the morning if you have to.

if you cant, try to complete 4 satiotns in 6 minutes.

and if you can’t- switch to EDT (which has you doing 2 exercise supersets)