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Suggestions to Kill Soreness


I did legs the other day, I even stretched before and during the workout... problem is my legs are more sore then ever before!
I felt like chopping off my legs this morning.
It really feels like my quads are trying to birth aliens! Any advice on how to avoid this next time or quick cures? Thanks guys, much appreciated.


3-5 grams of lysine on an empty stomach before bed.

Ice/cold bath post workout.

Long static stretching post workout, think "extreme stretches" from DC.


Don't work out your legs.


Growing a pair of testicles really helped me deal with soreness.


My guess is you did legs for the first time or the first time in months. I think most people get this if they haven't lifted for a few weeks, if they go too hard. Just keep at it, it won't be that bad next time.


Is this your first leg workout?



it was the first time in WEEKS, not my first time ever.
I've experience the sore thing before but getting up this morning was like, kind of mind blowingly painful.


Three things you could do:

Rest + Aleve


Suck it up.


Sounds like everyone's a Rambo on this board. :slightly_smiling:

I guess I'll just suck it up, stretch more and take aleve. Thanks.


BCAAs crush soreness. Take them after hard workouts and take extra doses when soreness persists.

There's no reason to be sore when you don't have to.


Rambo takes Aleve.


Special workouts the morning after hitting your legs will help to greatly reduce soreness (Simmons has written extensively on this as have others). A hot bath followed by some light volume work will get the blood pumping and help you to get over the "pain" and on your way to recovering before the next leg day.

I have found jumping rope, sprinting, and step-ups to work well. I believe that sled dragging is a very popular exercise of choice for this as well. Just don't go overboard on the volume but do enough to where you feel loose.



That's really helpful bluejay, I really appreciate the suggestions.

Oh and props to amart57 for posting a Rambo picture!


Alternating temperature showers work well in my experience. Hot 1 min., Cold 1 min., repeat. Foam rolling also does wonders.


NSAIDs aren't great for muscle growth, so I wouldn't make aleve a regualar thing.


don't take weeks off or don't go so hard your first day back, otherwise deal with the pain.


Thank you sir. Wasn't trying to be a d*ck. you know we're all busting balls here.


I"m not sure stretching is the best idea as if may lead to some less than desirable results in the near future (rather than getting into a discussion about it here and hijack your thread just PM me for continued discourse if you like) however the suggestions made for some mild activity should help.

Alternatively you could try a 'shunt'. A source of heat on your feet with a cold compress or some such on your head. The thinking is the extremes in temperature on the distal ends of your body might promote circulation thus mobilizing the fatigue toxins causing the pain.

All else fails a little ibuprofen should help, gut as DoubleDuce said don't make it habitual.

Hope this helps.


Big M. any advice helps man! I appreciate it.

amart57, not only was the Rambo picture boss but so is you Pai-Mei avatar!