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Suggestions to Improve Dips?


I try doing Dips during almost all my triceps workouts but I seem to not be getting much stronger at them. I do them on bars, straps and on benches.

Any suggestions for ways to make them easier and for me to get stronger at them?




when i first started doin dips ( yonks ago ) i was rubbish . so i started doin 2 x to failure ( body weight ) every other day 6 days a week within a month i was able to start adding weight.


how many BW dips can you do in a row? i didnt improve my weighted ones till i could get nearly 20bw in a row


I think you should try ramping up with low reps. In the past i barely dipped anything above body weight so ramped up with sets of 3-5 that were still explosive reps, within a couple of months i was hitting out sets of 12 with 45kg round my waist.

Also, when in the workout do you do the dips, if after other exercises maybe your already too fatigued.


It's not always easy to gauge improvement at an exercise where the load is constant (your bodyweight). As such, I've never really focused on getting better AT dips, but at getting more OUT OF doing them. Instead of even bothering doing them at the beginning of my triceps training and worrying about the reps going up, I use them as a finishing exercise, knowing that they take a hell of a lot out of me, so as long as I but my ass, leaving nothing in the tank, I leave the gym with a pump from hell, knowing I 'got the job done'.



Dips can be 'tough' on some lifters and doing them at the end of the workout means the shoulders, elbows, and wrist are better prepared for the work.


I did dips yesterday at about the 3 quarter mark through my workout. Perhaps I need to do them earlier in the workout as my muscles were already nearly fully pumped.

I probably shouldn't have done the 100 reps of suspended bodyweight rope triceps. Though, my triceps are still blasted and pumped today.

I'll work on doing 3-5 faster reps for the next month with 5-10 sets and see if it helps.

Thanks for the comments.


I've done okay recently by alternating BW and weighted each week. I also do them at the end of the workout but yeah if a lift is ever a priority move it up further.


This sounds dumb i dont even know if it is what helped me, but just getting my triceps stronger in general trough CGBP helped my dips a lot, i usually dont do the free weight ones because i feel shouklder strain but i do the machine now with 10 plates for 8 reps, if someone doesnt believe i could post a video next week when i do arms:)


do more dips


Try the force spectrum ramping Thibs talks about. You can find the write up on I,BB if you like. I used it and found it to be a pretty legit training technique. Definitely keeping it in my arsenal as a plateau buster. Hasn't failed me once yet.

If you go ahead with it, let me know how it goes. Give the technique a good 6 to 8 week trial though. I actually gained some significant strength with it.


Ive noticed this. Previously i would use dips as a warm up and would seriously screw up my left shoulder/rotator cuff if i went to failure or pushed too hard. Now i do them at the end after my main work there have been few if any issues, and my dip numbers are going up.