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Suggestions to Go with 700mg/Week Primo Cycle?

41 yom
215ish (scale is in the gym, people would stare and I’d get fired if I stripped - weighed 219 this morning after 30:00 low intensity cardio)
10-12% BF (guessing, visible 6pack but not ripped)

I currently have 10 vials of Primo 100 sitting at home waiting for me. My original plan was thus:

Week 1 - 14: Primo 700mg
Week 1-4(or 5-6): Tbol 40mg ED
Week 10-14: Tbol 40mg ED

I am on TRT, and will either stay at that dosage or might go to 250/week. I’ve done that once before (700/250 without Tbol) and was happy with the results.

Goals for this cycle:
10-15 pounds lbm, not more than 20. When I did this cycle a couple years ago, it put me over 220 and I kept almost 100% of gains for at least a year if not more. I’ve been 230, looked great but felt like it was almost too big. I have to keep my cardio up as well (job requirement), and 230 was pushing the limit on that.

Main question: I’ve been thinking about adding EQ to the above cycle at a moderate dose - from reading, 500 seems to be the minimum recommended weekly dose.

Keeping in mind my stated goal would this potentially put me over my target weight:

TRT dose test throughout
1 - 14: 700/week primo
1-10: 500/week EQ
1 - 4: Tbol 40mg ED
10 - 14: Tbol 40mg ED

I’ve never run EQ, as I’ve heard it can exacerbate anxiety issues, but it seems to elicit either love or hate from people. I would say skip it this time around, if only because you will have to be pinning a ton of oil already with the primo. With your TRT dose and the primo you’re talking about 8ml of oil a week, right? EQ would be another 2ml. That seems like a huge pain in the ass (literally and figuratively). Plus a lot of the benefits of the EQ, including better cardio and endurance through higher RBC, will be achieved by the Tbol (not the higher RBC, but if East German Olympic athletes were able to get more endurance and strength out of it then it must be pretty good). I’d say you have a really good cycle planned without the EQ, so maybe run it and save that for another time when you can run it solo and pinpoint your body’s reaction to it. Just my 2¢. Best of luck, man.

I would like to see something a little wet, dbol maybe or adrol, personally speaking adrol makes me feel fucking great.