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Suggestions to Cut a Cycle Short? 5 Weeks In

Sadly with all the lockdowns due to covid19, it’s uncertain when will I have access to gym again and also the risk of getting sick. I am still working out but with much limited equipment, so I’m deciding to cut the current cycle short and possibly save PCT for next.

I’m only 5 weeks in cycle Test (600mg) and Deca (400mg) and took only 3 HCG jabs (250iu), was planning to continue for 12-14 weeks but now considering a couple of options,

  1. Cease every thing cold turkey and start natty test booster or something perhaps with some arimidex
  2. take a few more Test only while tapering it down

which is better and what to do with the remaining HCG ?

Both of these are bad ideas.

  1. A “natty test booster” isn’t a PCT. Your system will be shut down after 5 weeks on and you need a proper PCT to restart it. Arimidex is not a PCT.
  2. Tapering test makes no sense and won’t help you come off anymore than dropping it entirely.

I would come off entirely, use the HCG or ideally whatever PCT you have on hand to restart your natural production, and wait until COVID is over to restart your cycle. Good luck

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I have a SERM PCT but was hoping to save it for the next proper cycle
How do you suggest using HCG, for how long and how long to stop it before starting PCT ?