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Suggestions to Blend Oats and Whey?

I am following an eating plan and tying to stick pretty strictly to it for weeks. Anyway, I am to blend oats, whey, and a tiny bit of coconut oil and slug it down as soon as I wake up, so it has the max amount of time to digest before I get to the gym. I blend it up the night before and then leave it by my bathroom sink, but it clots up overnight and is sludge when I wake up. I don’t want to run the blender in the morning and wake everyone up. Any suggestions?

I’m assuming there’s also some water in there too? The coconut oil is likely what’s causing the clumping, as it gets solid at room temp. I’d keep it out of the mix, blend just the oats and whey, and have a spoonful (or however much) coconut oil separately with the shake.

If just oats and whey are too clumpy, use more water to thin it out when blending or add a splash of water in the morning because the oats will soak up water overnight and plump up on their own.

I’ll sometimes make an overnight concoction with Greek yogurt and oats and it definitely thickens up by morning, so I toss a bit of milk into it in the AM and give it a stir.


Add more water when you blend it, and shake vigorously in the morning

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Blend the oats dry into a powder, then just mix it in the morning.


Thanks all!

I’ll keep the oil out and more water for now. If that stays too annoying, I’ll just put both dry in the shaker and add the water in the am.

As always, I appreciate the advice.

I agree wth kd. It was taking me like 4 steps to describe that process.

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I have a empty protein tub full of blended up oat powder, just blend up a massive batch to save washing the blender each day!

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That’s super common sense, so of course I didn’t think of it.

Does that affect how much volume you put in? Is 3/4 cup still 3/4 cup?

I would guess it may slightly as you will fit more in the cup but I’ve never really thought about, don’t really use cup measurement much in the uk.

Do you know how much in gram? I put 100g. I weighed a protein scoops worth and that was 25g, so I simply just do 4 scoop of oat and 2 scoop of protein.

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Genius again.

My protein scooper weighed out to about 45g of the blended oats, so I can go from there.


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