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Suggestions Please - 150 By Summer!


hey guys, i'm new to the forums. i've gained around 30 pounds since i started to bulk in late december. i'm currently 145lbs right now and my goal was 150 by summer.

my question is should i focus on benching/deadlifting/squatting during the summer to increase my growth? please give me some suggestions!


i've been using CW's total body training and have seen good results. i am up 30lbs since i started lifting about 7 months ago, and i gained just under 10lbs during my 7 weeks using TBT.

i did a bench variation all three workouts, rotating inc and flat with dumbbells and barbell, and squats twice a week, rotating between wide squats and olympic squats and deadlifted once a week on the 5 rep day.

i gained the initial 20lbs quickly after i started lifting, but seemed to be stuck. with no change in diet, i easily added about 10lbs using this routine and i attribute it to the high frequency of the big three lifts.


Holy shit!... yes.

I'm stunned. I was just thinking not ANOTHER one then you mentioned squats, deads and bench. Those should be your #1 lifts. Also, eat tons of food. Use the search feature for things like "bulking" "beginner" and "newbie". You'll find tons of info.


You hit the nail on the head. Stick to the big basic exercises and you'll make good gains


Don't forget about rowing and/or chin-ups. Your lats can grow too! I've always thought that chin-ups should be included in the "Big Lifts".

(Not to mention that your shoulders will be healthier)


another question, am i making good progress? 30 pounds in 5 months? i was 122lbs to start with.

on the days when i bench/deadlift/squat, what other workouts shoud i do during the same day.




Your calculations are a tad off. You said you've gained 30lbs but started at 122lbs If you gained 30lbs you would be over your 150lb goal.

Keep eating, keep lifting heavy shit, keep being consistant (If you are consistant already. If you're not, get your ass consistant.)