Suggestions on where to go

Hello everyone! Have posted once or twice, but this is my first serious question. I’ve been lifting for over 2 years, and have made good gains. When I began lifting, I was just getting over an extreme illness that had stripped me of most of my muscle tissue. Anyway, started bulking, and have gained some significant weight. I am currently only about 155 or so, but that is still up nearly 20 lbs from where I began. Problem is, I still have a pretty high fat mass. I need some suggestions on where exactly to go from here. Any suggestions, based on some recent pics?

Lose the fat mass first. Get down to at least 10 percent or maybe even less. Then you can start carefully bulking. There are tons of fat loss diets on this website. Just look in the Frequently Asked Questions section of each issue. After you have lost the fat you wanted to lose, then start a bulking cycle, during the bulking cycle use the massive eating by Berardi.

The first thing people are gonna ask is whats your diet like? So you should post as much detail about your diet as you can. Second thing people will ask is what type of exercises are you doing. Post as much detail about that also. If you feel comfortable, tell us something about your illness so we will not give you advice that may not be beneficial to the illness that you had.