Suggestions on Supps

Hey guys I’m getting ready to buy some new supplements and am looking for suggestions.

Lately Metabolic Drive and Biotest whey have been my staples, along with Biotest creatine.

I have been sipping on a whey/MD/Creatine drink throughout my workouts, but just realized, wait a minute, Anaconda/MAG-10 are meant to be drank during my workout.

So I was thinking I should either maybe get some MAG-10 or Anaconda. I would only be using this supplement to substitute for my current whey/MD/creatine that I sip during my workouts. I am going to continue to drink Metabolic Drive for my not workout times.

Basically, I’m looking for a peri-workout suggestion. To be honest, money really isn’t an issue because I work and don’t go out on weekends, so all my money I will make will just be saved for when I get back to college, or whatever else I want. Working out is pretty much all my life revolves around, so its worth the investment if the supplements work. A typical day for me is wake up at 6, get on a train at 7, get home at 630 and go to the gym from about 7-830/9. Then i prepare my food for the next day and talk to my girlfriend before I go to bed.

And my goals are to put on some muscle. I’ve been eating a ton and am just looking to step it up with my supplements. I eat every three hours, and don’t eat carbs accept before my workout. I have found doing this really works wonders.

Look into the Anaconda protocols.

Personally, mine has been slightly altered. I have 1 or 2 FINiBARs 30 minutes before workout and then mix 1 scoop Surge WOF with 3 scoops Anaconda to drink throughout the workout.