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Suggestions On Repainting My Garage Gym

So were finally shoveling through the remodel in the wake Florence, and I’m getting to a point were I need to start thinking about how I’m going to paint the garage.

I’m not big into feng-shui, but there are some things I’m considering:

The walls used to be white, and considering it’s a room full of moderately rusted iron, and I typically lift right after work, it was not the ideal color.

The rest of the house is in a grey/blue/green color, which I really like, but it’s a little too tame for a gym imo.

I’m a big fan of red, but a whole room of red would probably give me an aneurysm.

Any colors, or combinations that would fit the bill, maybe someone with a bit more experience in color coding than myself? (I literally only own 2 shirts that arent black)

If memory serves you’re on a strict budget, but I would hang 1/4" plywood around the perimeter much like wainscotting. You can then seal it with a poly if you’d like and it will protect the walls from errant DBs, bars, and weights being leaned up against them while also adding some neutral color and texture.

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Guy I work with painted his gym black. Sounds weird but looks really cool lol


That’s a great idea with the planks, however that isnt such an issue due to the cinderblock base.

I actually thought about black, but in the heat of the summer of NC this thing is already a microwave, I couldn’t imagine.

Pics for a better idea of what’s going on

Black for the bottom half of the walls, then red for the top half. Or red with a Black stripe? Black with Red Stripe?

This looks good to me.

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I need an airy and open feeling to my training space. If this sounds like you don’t go for dark colours.

The downside is marks are much more noticable. I’d go with a neutral colour but a lighter shade. Then put up posters and other wall art in brighter colours.

Plus a mirror for masturba… err posi… errr checking form infront of.


Paint the walls in 10mm strips of green and purple, and then install strobe lights in every corner of the walls

Nothing brings training intensity on like epilepsy

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Leave it like it is, has that authentic feel for work.

Failing that I like dark grey / charcoal behind the rack and the end window wall. Paint above the up and over door and the other wall white and clean / paint the door too. Save the red paint for the floor.

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Pick your favorite color, go to the paint store and look at different shades of that color. There’s about 100 shades of blue etc…

Yeah it looks like I’ll be sticking with a neutral scheme. I’m thinking picking 1 wall and giving it a vibrant color to liven things up.

Also the jerkii… form mirror is already up and used. A lot.

Appreciate the input dudes!

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