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Suggestions on Recovery


Recently had rotator cuff repair that was major enough to involve having 4 metal clamps implanted. Doc advised approx 6 months before I can seriously train again, and that I would have to take it slow for a while even then. I'm going nuts over losing all the hard-earned muscle. Two part question:
1. Is there any anabolic agent that could be injected into the shoulder complex to enhance joint repair and/or medial and anterior shoulder muscle gain and/or ligament repair?

  1. When I am able to get back at it, (I've never experienced such a debilitating injury before) is there a particular gear that would be best for starting again and not risking an imbalance in muscular development vs. tendon and ligament development in my shoulder? Thanks to all for any info or suggestions!


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i just read this on another site:

"Anabol(Dianobol) assists in the recovery from demanding physical exercise, and recover from injuries suffered in contact sports. Anabol can be extremely effective in assisting tendon injury recovery, especially when use in conjunction with glucosamine sulfate (a supplement available from most health stores). "

anybody else have any experience with or insight with d-bol helping with this? that's news to me...


I have no scientific evidence to support this, but I've been taking 10mg dianabol/d since my procedure, and haven't dropped a pound...even more impressive is the fact that I've only been consuming ~half the cals I normally do d/t inactivity.



agreed! I to used 10mg D-Bol daily while going through physical therapy, not a massive dose but it helped me keep some of my gains I had made through the years, I refused to go back to 5'6" 125lbs. definetly keep the dose low though, 10mg in the morning seemed to work well for me, and I feel it helped allot not just with maintaing what I had but also with rehabilitation. IMHO


Thanks for the info. This seems to be the best approach of the replies I've received. I've not used anything since the late 80's. I'm 44 yrs old, 6'1", and normally around 225lbs. and stay around 10%BF year 'round. The surgery was in June, and I'm just now getting back to consistent training. I'm down to 205, which sucks. My wife and I own a fitness center, so I have to be rather cautious about the topic. Thanks again...