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Suggestions On Program


Normally I don't post questions like these, but I've gotten a couple of comments about this program. Give me your opinions or flames, whatever, as long as I get feedback.

Day 1, OFF, Day 2, OFF, Day 1 OFF etc...

Day 1
Squat 4X5
Bench Press 4X6
Chin-Ups 4X6
Good Mornings 4X6
Rope Rows to Neck 4X10
Dips 3X8
Close Stance Leg Press/Calf Press 3X10

Day 2
Deadlift 4X5
Bench Press 4X6
Chin-ups 4X6
Lunges 4X6
Rope Rows to Neck 4X10
Back Extensions 3X6


Looks decent. A few points, though:

1) Why not simply take weekends off and have 3 workouts a week, alternating days each time?

2) I would do Barbell Rows on Day 2 instead of Chin-ups again. Then you wouldn't need rope rows on that day.

3) I'm not very fond of GMs. Eric Cressey had an article detailing problems with that particular exercise. And you would have weeks where you would Squat 2x, GM 2x and DL 1x for 4x6 - which will be quite tough to recover from. So I think some lighter hamstring exercise, like Leg Curl would be better on Day 1.

4) You need overhead pressing on one day. On Incline, at the very least.

5) You could add a few sets of direct biceps work.

6) You need to decide on a form of periodization you will use. Simple and effective approach is accumulation/intensification, where you would switch to something like 3x3 after 3-4 weeks on 4x6.

7) Doing 4x5-6 on more than 3 compound exercises in a day would be very hard. If you have the energy, do some lighter assistance stuff, for 2-3x10.

With all the changes, the routine becomes:

Exercise accumulation (intensification)
Day 1
1. Squat 4x5 (3x3 or 5x2)
2. Bench Press 4x6 (3x3)
3. Chin-ups 4x6 (3x3)
4-6. Leg Curl, Leg Press, Dips 2x10 (2x6)
Day 2
1. Deadlift 4x5 (3x3 or 5x2)
2. Incline/OH Press 4x6 (3x3)
3. Barbell Row 4x6 (3x3)
4-6. Lunges, Back Ext., Biceps 2x10 (2x6)