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Suggestions on Program Additions?


lately i have been dedicating an entire workout to my abs and lower back. i have seen good results, but i still consider it almost an off-day. i am looking to add a power-lifting or full body exercise.
im thinking dead-lifts....


What does the rest of your week look like? DLs are great, but it affects the whole body, thus it affects the other workout days as well.



this is a general week. the days might change but not the order of work outs.

monday: chest
tuesday: off/cardio
thursday: abs/ cardio/ off
friday: back
saurday: cario
sunday: abs


Where did the lower back go?

You can do the lower back with your legs. Lower back/upper legs, this would turn it into the most important workout day. It does for me. And I'm easy on the quads because of a tendon problem I have.

Don't forget to do the upper back though. You could do that on the same day as your chest.


Honestly it looks like you don't have anytihng resembling a day out of the gym. Realistically if you are doing deadlifts and good mornings, you could honestly shitcan the day dedicated solely to abs and low back. You don't do any direct arm or shoulder work? Anyways even at the end of any intense body part day I could still crank out ten sets or whatever of ab training.