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Suggestions On Mass Gainers?

As GNC don’t ship to my country can you suggest a more common mass/weight gainer supplement?
Without sugar,gmo,a “clean” product without much colors etc preferably containing 50g+ of protein and many carbs?
Thank you in advance, I know it’s a vague question to ask but I’m trying to find a good gainer for a long time now…

most cost effective would be to get a quality whey protein, add nut butter or coconut milk, and some sort of carb. you could do oats and throw them in the food processor to powder them.

I really like rice chex crushed. very calorie dense and easily digested.

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Is there a reason you are looking to use a mass gainer rather than just increasing you whole food intake ??

Try this…


Thanks I’d also want to ask, if you know, when I read that a protein contains sugars it means it’s the white sugar, or that has some carbohydrates irrelevant to the white sugar??

Protein is protein. Your body will convert some of it to sugar. Protein and carbs are different macros, and it’s not white sugar, so no to pretty much all of that.

Long story short, definitely don’t worry about sugar when ingesting protein. Carbs are far more likely to have detrimental effects, and even those are fine.

This(that it’s not white sugar), goes for mass gainers too that contains some sugars? I was about to buy one that was expensive and contained only 20g of pure protein but I saw that it contained sugar too and the "expert in supps " on this store tOld me that exactly :its not the white sugar,its other carbs it contains. But I’m not so sure if this was true, and I don’t want to take a gainer that has sugar in it, I don’t want to gain using sugar. I’ve found the perfect mass gainer but the company doesn’t deliver in my country and now I’m about not to but any in the end.
All of this goes for mass gainers not pure proteins, I already have a clean, pure protein.

Mass gainers are always heavy with carbs. Some combination of straight sucrose (table sugar), glucose, fructose, dextrose, and some bulkier fillers like milled oat or rice. If it says it’s worth 1000 calories, or 5000 or what ever, and requires so many scoops/serving its just straight junk. Literally cattle feed.

They really offer no advantage what so ever nutritionally. You can get the same or better from a bowl of oatmeal, a squirt of syrup or other sugar, and a scoop of whey. You could really increase its nutritional value by adding a couple whole eggs.


if you can handle whole milk, its easy. whole milk, whey, oats.

also, a sludge is good. i do chocolate whey, white rice, and PB. you can freeze it in little tupperware containers and just eat it semi thawed. cheap.


Whole milk, nut butters, bananas, protein powder, oats and olive oil blend the lot and you will have a high calorie and nutrient dense gainer shake.


Sounds rich, but I’m trying to hit 1,200-1,500 cals (carbs, protein mixed ofc) with one shake that’s why I’m searching for a gainer!

Your better making your own as you know what’s going into it. Mass gainers are usually filled with sugar and are expensive for what they are plus they don’t last you very long.

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You’re right though!!

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This is more or less what I do, minus the olive oil (blah!). And minus the protein powder, if I’m being honest.
If I’m using a blender, I prefer to use Quark or Skyr instead, and reserve protein powder for when I have to use a shaker.

There was this shit called Russian Bear Mass Gainer I once brought when I was probably thirteen years old… I legitimately thought it was somehow different to all the other known mass gainers at the time, somehow I’d get 5,000 calories per serve, wouldn’t need to eat a ton to gain… Twas 600-700 cals per serve, ten serves per tub… perhaps mixed with whole milk the caloric intake per serve was considerably higher… but damn was I swindled…

The majority of these “mass gainers” comprise the bulk of their caloric intake from “maltodextrin”… the GI index of maltodextrose is higher than table sugar, is an additive to soda and many sweets… Rodent studies don’t always equate to human vs chemical interaction… but there is no fucking way mass amounts of maltodextrin is safe, good for maintaining insulin sensitivity… For a marathon runner looking to carb up though, fantastic…

Rodent studies indicate rats given mass amounts of maltodextrin have decreased levels of “good” gut bacteria… deleteriously altering microbiome…

Oats, banana, peanut butter, whole milk… fuck it if you’re really going for “as much weight as possible” a little bit of ice cream won’t hurt, coconut oil (I think olive oil tastes disgusting), yogurt and more… These are all potential suggestions regarding what you could put in a shake.

They still sell that shit, saw it the other day and was laughing about it. Haven’t read the instructions in years, but I remember back in the day it said to mix so many scoops with an entire gallon of whole milk and drink that throughout the day - so basically GOMAD plus. Almost bought it early in my lifting career, but living on a Navy ship I didn’t have access to milk all the time, and didn’t have access to a fridge to keep my own.

Guy I worked with a few years ago (shit, more like 10…damn) used it and put on some good solid mass (he was a wiry methhead looking dude to begin with, so it wasn’t hard for him to stay pretty lean while gaining). He said he felt a little nauseous constantly though, from having all that milk/powder in his stomach constantly.

If you’re having trouble getting the stuff shipped, then go with what people are telling you on here. Buy actual food (don’t know where you live, but oats is a pretty universal food - even seen it in markets in Arab countries), read the labels and build the shake based on what calories and macros you are aiming for. Being whole foods, you will probably have to start at a smaller serving and work your way up, but probably cheaper and healthier (to some extent) than buying tubs of gainer. If you go with a mass gainer, look for low sugar type gainers (they are out there - they’ll have a lot of complex carbs but be low or zero on sugar/simple carbs).

As a side note though, oats are a great source of carbs, but milling/grinding will raise the GI rating of them - this is the reason processed foods are considered ‘bad’. Wish I still had the graphic but - eat an apple you get a small insulin spike (we’ll call it a 10 for argument’s sake); grind it into applesauce (without adding sugar) and you’ll get something like a 50; press it into apple juice (again, without adding sugar) and call it 100.

if you add fats and protein, (which for a mass gainer you will), GI of your carb source will go out the window.

on gainers, in college i lived of pro lab N-large 2. made me have terrible gas and shits. I think it was mostly whey concentrate with maltodextrin.

You could do half a pint of ben and jerrys icecream and two scoops of whey and be done with this. probably taste amazing lol