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Suggestions on First Cycle: Test E and EQ stack

I’m 24, been lifting for a while and I’m ready for my first cycle. I’m about 6 feet tall and 187 lbs, don’t know about my bf, but I’ll test it in january.

At first I was going to do test e and dbol, but I’ve heard some bad things about dbol and hair loss. I don’t have any complete balds on my family, but my dad has some hair lines in the front and I’m starting to have them. I know AAS eventually will make you lose hair faster, but I don’t wanna get bald right now. Some dbol stories are really scary, like waking up with the pillow FULL of hair.

So after removing dbol, I figured I could use EQ. I know some will say that test e is alone a good drug for a first cycle, and I do intend to do a second cycle, but I’ll probably move from Brazil to the US for my PhD and I don’t know if I’ll have time to dedicate to a second cycle soon.

What I’ve heard about EQ is that it takes a shitton of time to kick in, so I figured I’d start with it. Something like this:

Starting with:
1-2 EQ 400-500mg

1-10 EQ 400-500mg
1-11 Test E 500mg
3-12 HCG 500ui EW (2x 250 pins)

13-17 Nolva 40/40/20/20

First question, Adex in hand or 0.5/0.25 EOD/ED?

That makes 12 weeks of EQ and 11 weeks of Test E, is it enough? Should I increase the EQ preload from 2 to 3 weeks?

I kinda don’t want to, but if everyone says droping EQ is the best thing here, I might do it. But I’m really interested in the vascularization and hardness it offers, and since I really care about my health (I don’t drink or smoke) and EQ is kinda safe, I’m inclined to using it.

Thanks in advance, hope we have a good discussion here, no flaming :slight_smile:

Run your test a week longer than the EQ.

Adex .25mg EOD

When I run EQ my blood pressure goes up so maybe a good idea to keep an eye on it.

Pct should start 2 weeks after your last pin of test and 3 weeks after your last pin of EQ