Suggestions on Bloodwork? High SHBG, Good Total T. Low Free T

I have no symptoms. I get morning wood. Workouts are good and strong, However my free T is low. Mind you i am doing Intermittent Fasting

No symptoms? What are you doing here then my man?

Btw you also have low E2.

18 is low?

It is a little low, you may not need TRT now, but in time you will. Careful about restricting food intake, this will increase SHBG. Your testosterone production isn’t really as good as it appears, high SHBG inflates the TT levels making look better than it really is, your LH and FT is a better indicator of T status.

I bet if SHBG was halved, your FT would increase a little and TT would drop. TT is the junk hormone and is good for nothing.

I had similar bloodwork to this, plus the symptoms OP says he doesn’t have. Is the thought here that any small increase in Free T through lowering SHBG would be offset by a drop in TT, resulting in all the symptoms of low T?

I have almost below the range SHBG , above the range TT and still have mid range FT.
Go figure.

IMHO it’s not all about the SHBG number for optimal FT levels. If anything , i’d wish to have mid range SHBG rather than low.

I was under the impression that low free t would be more symptomatic than total