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Suggestions on a Workout Program

hi all,

I’m looking for an work out program.

I can only work out 2 days in a week…anyone knows a routine for this?(most are for 3-4 days in a week).

about me…32 years old, 5.10(178cm) and only 130 pounds(59 kg)…i’ve been that skinny all my life(most likely because lack of nutrition;i’ve found some nice links/articles for this here and I’m gonna take care of that).

thx u.

One day heavy and one day light.

Just hit four big movements on the first day…
Bench Press variation 3x5
Upper body Pull 3x5 (Chin/pull-up or pull down variation–whatever grip)
Squat variation 3x5
Deadlift variation (not from the floor, think RDL or stiff leg) 3x5
15 mins. of whatever you want (arms, beach muscles. Think single joint movements)

Day 2: light(er)
-Overhead press variation 3x4x8-12
(Barbell or DB, whatever grip)
-Upper body Pull 3-4x8-12
(row variations, seated cable, BB, DB row)
-Single Leg Movement 3-4x8-12
(step ups, reverse Lunge, Walking Lunge, etc.)
-Deadlift variation 3-4x8-12
(do something different than you did on day 1. Good mornings would be a good option, so would glute ham raises if you can do them)
-15 mins. free whatever time (beach muscles abs, whatever, just do something, doesn’t matter too much what)

Also, it’d be well worth your time to check out some mobility work to do before training:

thx u boyscout