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Suggestions on a Quality Dip Belt?

Any suggestions on an affordable quality dip/pull up belt that’ll support plenty of extra weight? Anyone have experience making their own belt??

I would prefer to buy locally but online with suffice if needed. Local Sports Authority didn’t have them. Suggestions? Thanks.

Note: Body weight dips have always been easy. Looking to pack on additional poundage.

Welcome: You might wish to search the site (upper right hand corner of your screen) for “dip belt” and you will find straight up several threads treating types and price ranges. It is a good idea to use this approach first for all questions.

My brother just gave me his old one that he used for about 4 years. He bought it from a sporting good place for like $20. A horse a piece.

I have one from Altus that I really like. I got it from my base gym. It came really oiled up and broken in.

De Riguer dip belt sold by Iron Mind hands down. Bout $50 for it but well worth every penny for it if you dip on the regular.

Spend the extra money and get the iromind dip belt or hip belt.

www.prowriststraps.com cant go wrong

This is what a member posted a while back for a homemade dip belt

I did the same.I got a weight belt at Wal-Mart and the 4 foot chain and D-clips at Home Depot.Works fine. I guess I could have ordered one but I was excited about switching to weighted dips so I wanted the gear for the next morning.

You may want to think about abandoning the dip belt idea altogether and getting a tree climbing belt. These are the harnesses that lumberjacks and linemen use to scale trees and the like. I’ve never used one but I hear that they are far more comfortable than traditional dip belts. Poliquin talked about these in his last Question of Strength (April).


“These things can run up to 300 bucks, but I’ve bought them off of eBay for as little as ninety-nine cents. With a tree-climbing belt the weight is equally distributed, and they’re much sturdier than a dipping belt. You can add 250 pounds to it and not feel any pressure on your hips.”

IronMind is the best. I use it for weighted chins and dips. It’s very though and comfortable.

I just bought this one seems to work very well for me: