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Suggestions For Two Workouts a Day

Hi guys

I have been training at home, with bench, free weigths, cable machine, and power tower for chins and dip.
set up in my garage but I have to move the bench to a different part of the house and i dont feel like going from my garage to the front of my house to different body parts.
I know i could use the walk/sprint as part of my work out but my neigbors alraedy think I am weird :stuck_out_tongue:

My work out goals are to look good but be functional (more look good than functional as I am strong, flexible and fast.
I just would like to look like what I can do(sick and tired of hearing look at that fatguy move so well and how come he’s with with that hot chick)
any help would be much appreciated.

Try a search for “Growth Surge Project”; Phase 2 offers a 2x/day program. It was designed for people taking MAG-10, and of course requires lots of calories as part of recovery.

But if you want to jump-start BF loss, try doing a search for “Meltdown Training”.

I suggest Fat to Fire by John Davies for fat loss. Perfect for home and gym.

Thanks guys I will check them out.