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Suggestions for T-Boosters


Hello, everyone, I am new to the site. I am 39 years old and I started working out again in February 2005. I actually did the BFL program, and I am currently down 40 lbs. 203 to 191. I was reading alot about the different t-boosters and was wondering which is the best. I want to increase size and strength.

Any suggestions on any natural t-boosters that may help and maybe an engergy booster, I work 12 hour swing shifts every three weeks and need the extra zip without alot of caffeine (actually I only drink decaf cause I get migranes if when I was drinking caffeine)


First--you will increase size and strength through your workout, not any other way.
Second--How do you know you need T-elevating supps?
Third--If you do supp. Alpha Male from this site is a high quality T-supp.

You may find great benefit in just modifying your diet. Getting enough sleep. Getting enough water. Quality cardio?


What did you mean by "quality cardio"? I'd like to know any way that cardio is tied to T...


Alpha Male, but unless your T is really low I wouldn't expect a major mental boost from it.

You might want to experiement with Spike and/or Power Drive for this.


Shown to depress it.


Got to agree here.

Depending on where your "mental edge" is lacking. You sound like a candidate for Spike or Power Drive.


So triathlons, cross country type stuff will squash T?


Not necessarily squash, but cardio can be T suppressive.
What I meant by my post was not to go to long or to hard. Both can be T disruptive. If you're going to go intense, keep the workouts to 20-25 minutes in TOTAL length. Moderate workouts maybe a max of 40 minutes.
This helps get the most benefit before those nagging diminishing returns start popping up.