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Suggestions for Self Treating Shoulder Issue

About 6 months ago after a training session my right scapula and neck seized up like a pulled muscle and was painful. At present day I still have issues with my scapula and right arm.
I was treated by PT and a chiro and had some improvement but have hit a wall.
My shoulder is internally rotated forward when I put arm behind my back. My left shoulder is fine. I also have when I rotate my neck to the right I feel an ache(like a knot on a nerve) deep in lower scapula. Plus I feel like my roattor cuff tendons touch the ac joint from the shoulder being internally rotated forward.

I stretch my chest(pec minor) regularly and foam roll included thoracic stretches. I even work now on releasing my right lat. Any suggestions on how to attack the ache in scapula that isn’t conventional? Can’t get in there. I research constantly. Also how to get shoulder to come back to a neutral position like my left. If you need more details or have suggestions let me know. thanks for your time