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Suggestions for Replacement Wrap


I’ve been training and competing in the same pair of KLA 4000s(3 meter)for several years, I like the stopping power and rebound from these wraps but they are wearing out after lots of use so I ordered a new pair and even though they are still called KLA 4000s they are NOT the same wrap, they are thinner and lighter, they actually started developing small tears in them after a few moderately heavy singles. No wonder they were much cheaper than the original KLA4000s I bought a few years ago. Can anyone suggest a wrap that compares to the old KLA4000s ? I squat in the low to mid 700s raw with my old KLAs even though though they don’t have the stopping power and rebound they had when they were new, so is there a wrap out there now comparable to old KLAs in stopping power and rebound?


Elite Fts Super Heavies Full Black Ones. They are in my opinion the best wrap on the market and also the cheapest. They can’t be beaten when it comes to stopping power. But, brand new they will require a second person to wrap to their full potential.


Thanks, I believe I checked them out and they don’t come in 3meter. I might call and see if they can make me a pair though.


They definitely come in 3m lol. I have about 10 pairs or the 3 meters all I have used since I moved into 7 and 800lbs squats.



Cool thanks


I got my elite FTS super heavys this week, tried them for a light single (675) just to get a feel for them. They remind me of my old KLAs, super hard to wrap and very little stretch, not to mention agonizing to wear. I have a feeling once I break these in some I can expect to get some substantial pounds out of them . Thanks for recommending them brother.