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Suggestions For Quick BB Routine


My wife just recently had our second baby and I'm trying to cram my worout into my lunch hour. Does anyone have any suggestions on a bodybuilding routine or template that works five days/week where you are complete in 40-45 minutes/day including warmups/ramping, etc. I'm currently using alternating sets of antagonistic muscle groups with mostly compound lifts. Again, pretty simple stuff but still looking for something new. Thanks.


A normal 5 way split ramped to a single top set should get you out of the gym in under 45 minutes. Check out the "Professor X, a request", thread and Bricknyce's "Bodybuilding Bible", thread. Should even be able to squeeze in a back off set or two for most exercises. If you really can't fit it all in then you could try some supersets or giant sets, but you shouldn't need to, as long as your volume is sensible.


Why not just do a normal routine 1-3 exercises per muscle group ramped up to a top set. 5 days a week for 45 minutes a day?

lagging bodypart

I think doing BB rows and vertical pull + 2 things for triceps is very doable in 45 minutes.

incline bench press, pec deck/flyes + incline dumbell curls and standing barbell curls

leg extensions, squats + ham curls, RDL

military press, cable lateral raise superset (front and side), face pulls

day 5 you can do whatever. shrugs, flat bench press, lunges.

PLenty of options. 45 minutes really isnt that short of a time period. Especially if you have 5 days a week. You can even spend more time on chest and back and make the 5th day just for arms.


A bodybuilding routine where you train 5 days a week for 45 minutes each time? That isn't "quick" at all lol, that is just a normal routine.

You shouldn't have to be going crazy with supersetting and that stuff. Just do a normal routine.


^What I thought.


If you cant trash 2 or 3 muscle groups in 45 minutes. Re check your balls at the door. please and thank you. Look at what professional bodybuilders do, most of their workouts are no longer then 50 minutes.