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Suggestions for Protein/Carb Drink for Cancer Patient


Looking for suggestions for relatively good tasting protein drinks/mass gain drinks. No caffeine or weight loss ingredients. Faster it absorbs the better

Family member with cancer and getting chemotherapy once weekly. For 3 days after TX can’t keep much down

Tried Ensure but threw it up.

Appreciate any suggestions. I’m sure bio test has something.

Thanks in advance


Didn’t we have a member that swore on Mag-10 after his fight with cancer?


You might try whole milk, Metabolic Drive/protein, and cooked rice in a blender. Blend it very well. Gets thick like a milkshake.


yeah try Mag-10. Amino drinks like xtend also very thin/absorb easily and good for holding mass


It’s more important to eat than care about macros. I would go for the tastiest protein powder you can find, throw whole milk, ice cream and peanut butter into it, and wash it down with French fries. Maybe Trutein? I wouldn’t care about honed and cutting edge. My wife went through this a little over 5 years ago, threw up constantly, and could barely walk the days immediately folllowing treatment. Just get food that stays down.


A frequent and respected poster on these boards (I believe his handle is HipScar or something like that) actually had cancer, beat it (nice job man), and credits liberal use of Mag-10 for maintaining muscle mass and strength through his treatment.

Mag-10 is really good stuff.


I have personally used Mag-10 literally during a bout with the flu awhile ago, and it indeed helped me to maintain size and strength after I recovered.


Plazma for sheer caloric intake would be great.

Mag-10 is a fine option as well.

We’ve had several members that benefitted from it. HipScar during chemo, another who used it post colon removal ( infact he got his insurance to pay for it versus the ensure stuff the drs wanted him to drink ), and another with major GI issues.


Although still not very conclusive, cancer cells might have a positive relationship with sugar.

I suggest you to check out rather high fat alternatives such as mct oil etc for weight gain.

All the luck.


MAG-10 is a large staple in my daily intake. Amit has me start off every day with it.