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Suggestions for Post Workout Food?


I work out in the early morning before work and need to know what would be best to eat or drink right after my workout.

I was eating Go Lean Crunch but it seems it is not a good choice from my thread about it on here.

I'm eating this in the car going from the gym to work so it can't be somthing like egg whites. Also I'm lactose intolerant so no milk in my protein shake. I'm going willing to buy any supplements so please don't suggest Surge or Grow! I buy my good quality protein from a friend.

Any and all other suggestions welcome!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Dude, that's like saying "I need a good leg workout, but please don't suggest deadlifts or squats." You're ruling out the 2 best supplements, specifically made to answer the problem you're trying to solve.

In any event, if you're looking for whole-foods, I'd consider egg whites in a whole wheat wrap (yeah, I know you said nothing like egg whites, and no milk, but you can only be so nit-picky :wink: ) The wrap should keep it contained, to limit the mess (depending on how good a 1-handed driver you are).

It also depends on your goals, are you looking to get cut up, or put on size? Maybe something like peanut butter and jelly on a whole wheat wrap (but those tend to get messy no matter how you drive) Or, do it caveman-style and eat a plain chicken breast by hand (pretend it's a chicken-flavored protein bar.)

Speaking of protein bars, have you considered something like a Grow! bar, or are those on your list of "useful things I can't use for some kind of reason"?


I think Chris Shugart had a daily tip about a morning cereal. I think it was something you could put into a cup and drink along the way. It does require some chewing.

Some have recommended a protein shake with outmeal and fruit in it.

I will agree with Minotaur that you are limiting your best choices.


No need to be rude, geez...

As stated I don't want to buy anything that is not sold in the grocery store. My protein in just as good as Grow! so I'm not saying I can't take something like that and I do but I'm wondering what is best for right after my workout. I can't afford Grow! bars and I"m actually not even sure what Surge is but I don't know anybody taking it here so I'm sure it's not the only thing possible to take afterwards.

I'm sure there are plenty of other options and one you suggested (pita with PB/Jam) seems good. So instead of telling me what's wrong with what I'm asking can anybody else make any helpful suggestions?

A side question... is whole wheat better right after a workout? I have in my mind that more simple carbs are better post-workout?



Sorry if I sounded harsh. It was just my first reaction.

If you do go with the PB&J, watch the portion size of PB. Post-workout, you'd ideally want a low-fat meal, but you've got do to the bet with the hand you're dealt.

Have you tried rice milk or almond milk? (NOTNOTNOTNOTNOTNOT soy milk). I know many vegetarians use them as a substitute for cow's milk. Throw in some protein powder, and you're good to go.

How about tuna mixed with mustard (avoids empty-calorie mayo, and gives it some spice) in a pita?

Generally, whole wheat is always better. In this situation, with what I'll call less-than-ideal circumstances, I'd take whatever I can, as long as the rest of your day's nutrition is 100% on the button.

Berardi's got a boatload of articles about post-workout nutrition. I'd double check the Author's section of the Article Library.


What is best right after your workout? Surge. That isn't the answer you want, but there it is.

Read some of David Barr's and John Berardi's articles. All your questions and more will be answered.


If you can't have Surge or other whey protein, your best bet is egg protein, maltodextrin, and dextrose. Carbs to protein in a 2:1 ratio. Then a whole foods meal. You've been given advice as to what are good whole foods if you can't or don't want to use a shake of any type. Good luck!


Find an early morning all you can eat and sleep away the first few hours of your day job.

Okay, seriously, the person suggesting you try Surge really wasn't being rude. It is just an optimal mix of ingredients designed for use right after a workout, no matter what time of day the workout is.

If you aren't going to do that, try listening to the double tap clips, one of them talks about some alternatives that you can employ if you have to. They aren't as good, but they might serve your needs.


I didn't think they were being rude for suggesting Surge of course! It was for the "or are those on your list of "useful things I can't use for some kind of reason"?" Comment.

Surge may be great but I'm not willing to spend my money on it, I just can't right now. It seems as if you don't buy Grow! or Surge on here you're deemed worthless, that's crap!

I never said I couldn't have a shake, I do have shakes and stated that. It's just not a Grow! shake.

All I want is suggestions as to what I can eat after I workout that's convenient to eat on the go that doesn't have milk in it. I have a protein shake at 11am everyday with 46 grams of protein. I was having 1cup of Go Lean Crunch to have carbs post-workout (9am) but since it was pointed out to me that this was not a good choice I'm looking for other ideas.

If you don't have any ideas for me then don't post! But if you do.... they are much appreciated :slight_smile:


[quote]BGB wrote:

Surge may be great but I'm not willing to spend my money on it, I just can't right now. It seems as if you don't buy Grow! or Surge on here you're deemed worthless, that's crap!

I never said I couldn't have a shake, I do have shakes and stated that. It's just not a Grow! shake.

There is nothing wrong with people trying to support and recommend the products that are paying for this site. Coming on here and saying that your protein powder is just as good as Grow! and implying that Grow! is too expensive will get you a certain reaction. If that is how you feel that is fine, but you will have an easier time if you keep that to yourself.

I'm not trying to be rude by the way so please don't be offended!


Here is a rude statement.
I like to place conditions that I'm not willing to remove on my results.
So if your recomendations don't fit in to what I would like to do, keep them to yourself. And by the way, I'm not reading anything that the publishers write about post workout meal timing and content. I just want it spoon fed to me so I can spit out what ever I don't like.

At least thats what I read from the origional post.
I think the real question is-
Are you willing to do what ever it takes to accomplish your goal?


No, you do not need Surge to have good results. I will provide you with options from best to worst.

  1. Best = hydrolyzed whey, maltodextrin, and dextrose. Surge is one of the most convenient and tasty ways to get this.

  2. Whatever protein powder you currently use with maltodextrin and dextrose. 1 part each. Perhaps you might want 25 g of protein powder, 25 g of dextrose, and 25g of maltodextrin.

  3. YOur protein powder or a whole foods protein paired with the fastest-acting whole food carbs you can eat. Twice as many carbs as protein.

If muscle gain is your goal, you will still gain muscle with option 3 if the rest of your diet is in line. The same goes for fat loss. Good luck!


I understand a loyalty to a friend or lack of money that prohibits you buying certain supplements. That makes more sense then the somewhat defensive tone you set at the beginning of your post that some people are responding to.

For my money, Surge is worth every little penny per serving.


Can you get Biotest stuff in the UK, and if so how? :stuck_out_tongue:


Of everything I said, that's the most offensive? I actually thought that line was kinda tame, and honest. Your original question was posted with such restrictive parameters that it made the most effective answers unacceptable. Quite the conundrum. I'll fall back on my squat-deadlift analogy. There are certainly other answers, but they're not the easiest, fastest, or most effective way to get there.

The easy answer: A high-quality protein shake. If your (not "you" your, but speaking generally) definition of high-quality is flexible, you can only expect certain results.

I've got a bunch of ideas, and they're neither appreciated nor acceptable. But I'm cool with that. Consider my lips now zipped.


From my experience in grocery stores, you should be saying "I don't want to buy anything that is sold in grocery stores." You won't find something worth using in most grocery stores (or any that I've found).

The truth is, it's much cheaper to buy protein from a website than from any store. Whey hydrolysate tastes like total crap (except for Surge, which tastes really good, like angel food cake), so I'd recommend whey isolate. It isn't as good a choice, but it will work. Mix with high-GI carbs (1:2 protein:carbs) such as malto or dextrose, and mix with water. 25g of protein and 50g of carbs is about right.

What protein do you take? I personally take a custom blend with micellar casein that I feel is probably close enough to Grow! but is a bit cheaper. If I could afford it though, I'd go with Grow! Does yours have micellar casein?

Also, don't take a slow protein such as casein post-workout. The faster, the better. Whey hydrolysate is best, then whey isolate, etc. Throw in some BCAAs too.

Whey hydrolysate, glucose, maltodextrin, BCAAs. And that delicious flavoring.

This is a terrible way to think. "Nobody else at my gym uses free weights so I'm sure they aren't the only way to work out. Can someone recommend a routine with only machines?" Of course it's not the only thing possible, but it's the best on the market.

They've been making helpful suggestions, but you decided you wouldn't listen from the beginning. You don't HAVE to get Grow! and Surge, but you won't find anything in a grocery store that will even come close. GNC is too expensive, so is The Vitamin Shoppe. Any health food store is bound to only have stuff loaded with soy (not good). You're stuck with ordering online unless you have the spare change to blow at GNC. Doesn't have to be Biotest products, but do your research so you can come up with at least a reasonable facsimilie.




Just eat food!

There is nothing wrong with either avoiding or incorporating supps. Most are a mere convenience.

Great physiques were built long before Surge or any other product became available.

Will they POSSIBLY help you reach your goals quicker--yes. Willl taking them guarantee results--NO.

Post workout you could simply have a turkey on white bread and acomplish what you want. Maybe a piece of fruit low on the fiber scale to help increase your simple carbs.

A short time later some milk or cottage chees and your ready to go.

I've seen alot of people plunk down alot of cash on 'the world's greatest supps' and make no results at all. I've seen guys who just eat normal foods get big, huge, strong, cut..wahatever. If your diligent and disciplined. Work out right. Get enough total cals along with a smart breakdown of prot./carbs/fat you'll be fine.


you can buy dextrose and maltodextrin by the 50 lb bag at supplementdirect. Mix that with your protein and you are good to go.


[quote]sasquatch wrote:
Just eat food!
There is nothing wrong with either avoiding or incorporating supps. Most are a mere convenience.

This is what I want to do!

As for only getting something from a grocery store, I meant food. I don't get my whey protein from the grocery store, I get it from my friends supplement shop.

JPBear - I wasn't implying Grow! is too expensive but I get my protien from a friend's store so it's much more expensive to ME. My protein is just as good, if by saying that I get a negative reaction then that's just silly.

jsbrook - thanks for some useful advice!