Suggestions for post OVT workout

Hi. Hoping to get some feedback from fellow t-maggers…just finished two months of OVT… and need to figure out where to go from here…results were mixed…definitely saw strength gains, but no real hypertrophy gains due to inability to supplement properly and eat the amount of calories that I need to see mass gains.
5 x 5 was a suggestion made to me…if I did 5 x 5 a few months ago, would it make sense to do again, or try something completely new. Any thoughts and feedback would be very appreciated. Thank you!

RR&D (5x5) is fine to do again. I have also heard that you can continue to use OVT with reduced volume.

no matter what you choose to do, you will not have optimal results if you dont first get your diet in order.

My last prog was OVT and got good gains now im doing Westside beginner prog and loving it. tris and hammies get strong quick on this puppy.
Also putting on more size than i would have anticipated, which is always a good thing


Nice to see you around, champ. I’d check out and highly suggest opting for C-Dubya’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy.

Alternatively, check out Joel’s new article. I’d start with the low-rep protocol for the first four weeks.