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Suggestions for Online Lab Testings/Results


I read through the primer that was listed. Great info there! Thanks for the read. Unfortunately, I dont have health insurance at the moment (along with many 20-30 yr olds). My question is does anyone know of any viable, competent online testing labs that do a full comprehensive male testing profile? I did find accesalabs.com/men The pricing seems reasonable for what you're getting, but I could be totally wrong on that.

I saw that TC mentioned that salivary testing was poor. Maybe, I just read it wrong. In checking some case studies, it showed to be a viable source for free test %, but no data on SHGB, etc. Are there online, reliable blood swab options? I realize accuracy my be slightly variable. Im ok with that (within reason). I'm not currently on an TRT, but skeptical of Dr opinions of previous blood work results.

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks




As mentioned earlier lef. This seems like the best deal around. They just got done running a special .. The male panel was $199.00 just sign up for their emails and you should get the specials.
here is the link

lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements/ItemLC100010/Male-Comprehensive-Hormone- Panel-Blood-Test.html?source=search&key=blood%20test


Too late for sale at LEF.org, ended on the 10th. Still, the male panel there is very good value. We will work with whatever results you have when posted here. Meanwhile, read the advice for new guys sticky and start posting info about you as per the sticky. Do not ignore thyroid issues!!!!

Post all of your prior lab work, we may be able to do quite a bit with that.


How about a lab that is totally online? The closest place for me to get my blood drawn for LEF is 300 miles away... I can draw my own blood!


Ned: So you are 300 miles from a LabCorp draw station. See https://www.labcorp.com/wps/portal/findalab


Well actually 258.47 miles to be exact. Any ideas?


Ive got a labcorp right up the street from my location, but it sucks that Ive missed the deal on LEF. I may wait until another one pops up. Im trying a hollistic level of increased Testosterone. I was tested at 24-25 and test result showed 307. I got the same spcheel from the Dr, "within normal range". Abnormal for a highly active athlete if you ask me.

Currently, taking D Aspartic and DHEA in 3g a day 12on/7off and 75mg a day, respectively. I figure at the rate of my test decline since 24, my hormone level is already that of nearly an 80 year old man. DHEA may just be enough to spark it back within real ranges for my age, activity level and overall health.

KS, Ill definitely post once I have a recent blood panel. Thanks for your suggestion! Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


From the LEF FAQs, you can order a blood lab kit.

Q) What are the blood test requisition options?
A) Your blood test requisition options are LabCorp requisition form and blood lab kit. If you choose "LabCorp Requisition Form", you will receive a form to present to a Patient Service Center in your area. The requisition you receive will have all the ordering information necessary for you to have your blood drawn. Please note that this option is not allowed in the states of NY, NJ, RI, MA or MD.

Alternatively, if you choose "Blood Lab Kit", you will receive a kit containing all the necessary blood collection tubes, instructions and pre-paid shipping labels. It will be necessary for you to find a local doctors office, hospital, or local clinic to draw and process your blood. A local draw fee may be incurred.


Good ole' NJ. Wish I were still living in PA...


This is great, I didnt know it existed. Where do i choose blood lab kit though? later on in the check out process i assume?


Yes, it's in the checkout sequence. If I remember correctly, it's a checkbox that is automatically selected if the lab nearest to you is over a certain distance.

At any rate, it's a checkbox you select. If you get it wrong on checkout, just call them and they'll straighten it out.


Thanks Wally! I didnt think such a thing existed. Im glad it does!