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Suggestions For Off Season Football

My football season just ended…I am a sophmore. My football team dose not start lifting till january but i want to get a head start. I made a program to do…suggestions would be appreciated
i am 5’10 170 and i play linebacker

Squat 5x5
Bench 5x5
Glute Ham Raise 2x10
Lunges 2x10
Chin Ups 3x3
Bridges 3x1minute
Crunches 2x25

Hex Bar 5x5
Power Clean 5x5
Military Press 2x10
Seated Rows 2x10
Dips 2x10
Chin Ups 3x3
Forearm Roller

Squat 5x5
Bench 5x5
Glute Ham Raise 2x10
Lunges 2x10
Chin Ups 3x3
Bridges 3x1minute
Crunches 2x25

incorporate more olympic lifts and lift more than 3 times a week.

doesnt look that bad to me for a high school ball player…if you dont have the coaching for o-lifts dont worry about it all that much for now…looks solid to me, much along the lines of the classic Bill Starr Big 3 workout…cant go wrong with 3xweek total body workout…stuff your face while your at it brother! now is the best time of your life to make gains!! good luck!

yah bud that really doesn’t look too bad at all. i might try to add another explosive lift like a hang snatch in there but other than that it’s not bad. since you’re doing the 5x5 twice a week on bench and squats i would make sure that you weren’t working to failure until maybe the last set or two.

also i may try to incorporate some more shoulder work in there. i was a MLB my whole football career and my shoulders took a pounding in college but i never hurt them because they were strong. lifting three days a week is fine don’t worry about that. the other two days i would do some speed work and position specific work(stance and steps, maybe some bag drills). as a linebacker it doesn’t do much good to have more mass if you can’t move it right? nice job going the extra mile and lifting on your own. you’ll go far if you keep that work ethic up.

thanks for all your input

what do you suggest for shoulder lifts?

Sled dragging wouldn’t be a bad idea, along with some other GPP. I built a sled, cost me hardly anything, and its a great way to build your speed up. Theres a whole lot of ways you can use it, front, back, lateral, holding over your head, held on your head, etc. Theres an article on elitefts about it.

My season ended tonight. I play offensive and defensive tackle, I’m 5’9, 185. I want to switch to linebacker next year on varsity, but I need to work on my speed and lateral quickness. I know I’ll be doing a lot of that this offseason (after wrestling).
Don’t forget to eat!

Early offseason is a great time to do increase your volume and aim at hypertrophy.

2 or 3 sets doesn’t do much for you.

Not a bad program. It looks like a BFS or Starr template. Both are good, but if you want here is another one…will even help the wrestler dude too.

Day#1: Upper-Body (heavy)
a.14-16" bench variation
b. Pull 4x6
c1. Incline Chest Fly 3x6 (5-1-1-1)
c2. DB unsupported Row 3x6(5-1-1-1)
d1. DB Hammer Curls 3x10
d2. Skull Crushers 3x10
e. Weighted Abs (saggital plane)

Day#2: Lower Body (Light w/core emphasis)
a. Box Squats 10x3 (90degree box)
b. Reverse Hypers 3x20
c. Forward Sled 3x25yds
d. Backward Sled 3x25yds
e. Sledge Hits 6x20 (rotational)

Day#3: off

Day #4: Upper Body (Light w/core emphasis)
a. DB Floor Press 3x6
b. Low cable row or chest supported 3x8
c1. Straight Bar Curls 3x8
c2. Tricep Pushdowns 3x8
d1. Lateral raises 3x12
d2. DB Shrugs 3x12
e. Ab circuit 5 exercises @ 10 reps @ 3 sets

Day#5 or Day #6: Lower body (heavy)
a. Deadlift Variation 4x6-5-5-4
b. Split squat (elevated or not) 3x6 each leg
c. Glute Ham Raise 3x6-10
d. Standing Calf raises (explosive w/bent knees

Whatever day you don’t do something (5 or 6) Drag the sled w/45lb. plate for/back for about 400yds…with rest between 50yds
Day#7: off

This is a little different from what most use. I have had a chance to work with a ton of football players, and this is a template that i have used with a lot of them. Not all, b/c everybody is different…if you have any questions PM me.

I will always miss playing ball,

Looks decent to me. Not many HS kids make good routines. I’d say go for it and do some GPP work.