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Suggestions for my Workout Program?


i have been following these forums for awhile and decided to write down a week full of my workouts to get advice on how i am doing. i am 6'3 195 trying to gain strength and size.

MON- Legs

Front Squat
Leg Press Machine
Rear Leg Elevated Lunges
Standing Calf Machine

TUES- Back

HS Incline Row
T Bar Row
Barbell Row
Face Pulls
Seated Row

WED- Arms

Close Grip Bench
1 arm pulldowns
cable kickbacks
dumbell curls
forearm circuit

THURS- Shoulders/Traps/Chest

Side/Front Raises
Cable Rear Delt Pulls
Military Press
Dumbell/Bar Shrugs
Falt Dumbell Bench
Incline Dumbell Bench
Seated Chest Press

FRI- Legs

Step Ups
Hack Squat

any suggestions?


sucks. you have arm training before chest day - limit amount you can do on chest/shoulders day. and after back day - limit amount you can do on arm day.
also nothing for hamstrings


the rear leg elevated lunges and deadlifts get my hamstrings pretty good but what else should i add? also how should i split it up with the upper body days being spaced out because i want to do legs 2 times a week.


first of all it would be great to know your lifting stats on bench, ohp, squat, dead, pullups and bb row


bench- 85 lb dumbells, i like using dumbells its easier on my shoulders
squat- 225
deadlift- 320
pullups- about 10 in a row
bb row- 185
front squat-145, this is weak but i have trouble keeping alot of weight on my shoulders when front squatting

i am 20


what kind of set/rep scheme are you using? thats just a list of exercises.

in general, im gunna have to go with thats a big piece of shit program. you've decided to give arms their own day by short changing your shoulder and chest development by cramming them into one severely disorganized shoulder/trap/chest day. back day has 5 000 rows, try doing two thickness movements and two width movements. you arms day looks awesome though, 4 tri exercises (plus all the pressing you do in a week) and 1 bicep exercise. good luck.


i do about 3 sets per exercise, keep the reps low around 5 and increase the weight. i forgot to put i also do barbell curls so there is 4 triceps to 2 biceps, my biceps get hit by doing back exercises being a tall guy. how do you suggest i break down my workout days then?

i have been working out for less than a year seriously. trying to gain strength and size mostly for baseball but just overall also. i dont do the same workout on everyday, like every wednesday is not arms, but i try to get atleast 5 days rest between the same muscle group workout.


best recommendation i can give you is to read the stickied threads, follow a well laid out program, and eat enough to grow. you are not knowledgeable enough to design a program (clearly) so to avoid wasting your own time, try a good program and make adjustments that suit you. when you get a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses, you can start to build something that works for you.