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Suggestions for My Legs


not the best shot but better than nothing. so as opposed to the current subject of how accurate our equipment is over here. how bout i get some suggestions. im currently takin bsn's stack with atro phex, syntha 6, no explode and nitrix. im on my 2nd month im gonna end the deployment with it. so about another month.

i normally do about 3 to 3.5 mile runs every night but i do a 2 bod part split in the mornings. my rep range is within 8-8-6-4. id love to be able to max out my bench with another 10lbs but currently 225 is a bit of a challenge. squats im doin 275 i wanna be able to get 315 before i leave here as well .


heres a front shot


Why do you have two threads and nothing worth rating on either of them. Lift, eat, sleep, repeat the process for 3-5 yrs and THEN post pictures.

Why ask for a rating when you haven't put in the time or effort to accomplish anything really substantial yet?


Read the sticky at the top of this forum regarding RMP.

Regardless of the point you really didn't state what you wanted opinions on regarding your legs, we can't really see your legs through the forest.


Suggestion for legs: TRAIN THEM!!!


i would shave them a lil bit...just sayin

and train them.


Nair and squats?


damn, beat to the punch


i do squats in fact im tryin to get 315 before i leave here and get back stateside. im at 275 now


but unfortunately no time for shave or nair sorry guys lol


suggestion for legs attach a torso and arms, take pictures of them and then we may rate your legs higher.


ur supposed to do full range of motion


Yet you've got time to post multiple threads on RMP?


they were supposed to be in one thread but u know it happens when ur sleep deprived, yes im deployed but im not what we call a fobbit who just sits behind the wire and doesnt do anythin. i wanted to get em off b4 i turned in for the night thought i hit reply but hit post. lol yea i know mah bad.yo


Deep squats. Yes. Deep.


Mistake #4:
Not doing squats with a full ROM.

Mistake #5:
Creating two separate threads in RMP that both fail to follow the rules and assuming you will actually get any helpful responses.


Holy shit.

A thread about building the legs and NO one said Squats and Milk.

This is one of the few threads where squats and milk is actually legitimate advice.

"Squats and Milk"

Way to drop the ball on this one guys.




Squats and milk will get you jacked.


I can bend my knees with, like, 500lbs on my back, but I can only squat 400lbs. Is that what you meant by squat 275? You mean you bend your knees a lil?