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Suggestions for My Diet?


So I've been a twig all my life, and along with being super skinny I've been plagued with extremely low energy and shaking. I'll give you a couple of examples.

I've been enrolled in Jiu Jitsu for just about 3 years now, just about every session I would spar for the first time and after 3-5 minutes I would be uncontrollably shaking and just dead tired. Every competition I went too I was only good for one match, then the next one I only had enough energy to postpone my defeat for a minute or two by being passive.

About two weeks ago I took it upon myself to start utilizing the bench press in my shed and start some weight training. Most of the time I've been lifting, I would do a set of 10 reps of bench pressing rest a min, a set of 15 curls rest a min, a set of 10 shoulder presses rest min, then when I go back to benching my arms are just start unbelievably shaking and my energy is absolutely 0. It feels like my muscles aren't broken down much I feel no burn but I have no energy to keep benching.

I've been taking multivitamins, vitamin D, L-arginine, omega-3 for months. Just recently started using some True-Mass protein and started juicing fruits/vegetables everyday.. Have been eating chicken breasts every day, Drinking loads of water. The only thing I think I might be lacking in is calories.

I would like some opinions of experts or other users who may have had some experiences like mine and what they have done to help them overcome it. I want to get stronger, I want to get faster, I want to get bigger, but I have a barrier and would like some advice.


This is definitely a medical condition…I would see a doctor.


Do you have any memory problems, especially short-term memory? Sore throat often? Muscle pain? Joint pain? Headaches? Do you sleep well?


How many calories you take in daily? Post up what your average day of eating is, height/weight/age etc and people will give you advice


I don’t have any memory loss, at least that i can remember… ZING. But no seriously. No soar throat, no muscle pain, no joint pain, headaches form time to time but nothing abnormal. My sleep pattern has been erratic all my life actually. I sleep a lot, when I sleep and wake up fluctuate but I usually get the same about of sleep every night. about 12 hours.

I’m just about 21 years old (in a few days)
Hight: 6’1 Weight 130

My breakfasts are usually weak:
(Bowl of cereal/toast/peanutbutter sandwhich)+ water

Ham+Cheese Sammich + Proteien Shake

Water + Juiced Fruits/Vegatables , sometimes something else


Chicken Breast + Baked Potato + Protein Shake

Apples + peanutbutter toast

Another thing is I don’t have a log so what I eat from day to day may vary quite a bit. I’m new bulking up so I will get getting a log very soon.


Keep a log, track the calories, for a few days… And eat more of them.

But have you seen a doc about that shaking? That should be looked at.