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Suggestions for Hip Pain?

Off the bat, I’m only 20 yrs old and have decided to write in this forum b/c I feel that the over 35 lifters can give me the most helpful info. since older lifters are more knowledgeable about taking care of themselves and their joints and aren’t young jackasses like myself who tend to be reckless.

I’ve been getting pain on my left hip (around the area of my hip flexors) whenever I raise my left hip (think of doing “fire hydrants” when standing). It’s a burning pain. The pain began when I accelerated too fast (aka not enough control) on my descent in the squat. I’ve been doing foam rolling work on my hip flexors, glute bridges & clams for ~1 month along w/ prehab work for the rest of my body.

It’s getting better little by little. Just wanted to know if anyone gotten into the type of injury I’ve been through? OR if anybody has any suggestions or any exercises for my hip rehab that will speed up recovery.
Any information would be helpful, thanks

P.S. - my hip “clicks”, who the hell’s hips click when you rotate it?!

You may need massage therapy to break down knotted muscles. Be sure to point out that you may require deep muscle work.

Dude, this forum has helped me in amazing ways with pain management. I went to Borders and got the book Trigger Point Therapy and it has been great. Go get it. Like now. Please keep us updated, as I have a hip flexor pull as well on the inside of right hip. I am doing yoga, too. And one day of muay thai pads helped a lot. I kicked pretty hard and it really opened my hips up. I know, sounds counter-productive, but it wasn’t.

thanks for the advice. Gunna go check out that book on my thanksgiving break from college. Will keep things posted

In addition to stretching, consider tennis balls, golf balls and pvc pipe over foam rollers.