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Suggestions for Gymnastic Wood Rings?


Could any recommend a quality pair of adjustable Gymnastic Rings and where I can order them from.



I got a pair of plastic ones from amazon. Best $25 I spent in a long time. Love them!


Personally I would stick to wood rather than plastic as the grip is far superior. I started out with plastic rings but would never ever go back. The only advantage of plastic is that you can use them in all weathers - if you’ve got wooden rings you can’t get them soaked.

In terms of getting wooden rings just go to ebay or Amazon & get a pair with good reviews for around $50; no point in my view spending more on premium brands like Rogue. I bought my pair for this sort of price around 5 years ago & despite constant beatings they are still perfect (albeit covered in chalk & dried blood courtesy of learning the false grip!). One thing to check is the ‘pipe diameter’ of the rings you’re buying - mainly they come in 28mm (which is the official diamter used in gymnastics & often referred to as ‘FIG’ sized) or 32mm (commonly used in Crossfit). Personally I find the smaller size much more comfortable as I can get a much firmer false grip & i don;t have massive hands, but it’s personal preference really.


I got mine from Rogue Fitness, they are solid.

edit: fyi, direct link to rogue fitness rings removed by mod.


Nice mate I also have the rogue wooden ones, they’re just fun to use and they are easy to grip, I don’t specifically train with them but when I get bored I’ll hold myself on them and stuff, super fun to pass time with


Ah nice!

Yea I was excited when I finally got a set, loved them. Lots of fun. I used to take them to this calisthenics gym not-so-far away, lots of space to use them. Loved dip variations with them & like going upside down and back up etc. hah.

And yup, just holding yourself there, slightly moving arms away from the body too, feels so good.