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Suggestions for Conditioning Program

Hey, i’ve got a very broad question here, and am looking for either general, or specific advice.

first a little background…i just turned 32, and have put on some weight in the last year (20-30lbs of blub). actually i put on more, but have lost about 20 in the last few months (this is all due to a thyroid issue i ahve, and ma being treated for).

I started BJJ about 3 months ago, and am really enjoying it. for a while i was kickboxing as well, but i got tired of it, as the instruction was kinda lame. and besides, when i was younger i was pretty good at Muay Thai.

now i’m more concerned with learning BJJ as a hobby, as well as how it applies to my profession as a police officer (full time) and soldier (part time).

i can train BJJ Mon, Wed, Thur and occasionally Saturday. the problem i’m running into, is getting my other conditioning training in.

now i also have to pass a PT test for both the National Guard and work, so i need to keep at pushups, situps and a 2 mile run. and i’m finding as i’m getting older, my recovery has gone to crap…i simply can’t roll 4 days a week and still do 2-3 days of conditioning.

here’s what i’m thinking for a workout scedule:

Sun: off
Mon: BJJ 6-9 PM
Tue: Condtioning
Wed: off
Thur: 7-9 BJJ
Fri: Conditioning
Sat: off, or roll BJJ at 10:00 AM

i was thinking the day following BJJ would work better for conditioning, since i don’t want soreness to affect my technique.

my basic conditioning would be something like this:

pushups (with Perfect Pushup bars)

then abs and some neck work, followed by a 2 mile run

does this all seem viable for my goal of maintaining strength, increasing enduance and losing bodyfat?



I’m also in the Guard and I do BJJ. My approach to the PT test is to worry about it when it’s coming up. In the meantime I do run but I do high intensity running like sprints, sometimes uphill, twice a week. I find that I can still do a decent 2 mile time just by doing the sprints. When a test is coming up I just test myself and if I feel I need to I just throw in some 2 mile runs for a few weeks and I’m fine.

Besides the sprints I also do things like sledgehammer work for general conditioning. For the pushups and sit ups (it’s 2008 and we still have to do sit ups???) I just throw in a few sets of pushups after an upper body lifting workout. The same with sit ups. Basically, I don’t make any drastic adjustments to my training, which is focused on lifting and BJJ, to accommodate the Army’s concept of fitness and I still do well. This is especially true since the PT test is once a year.

i am going to tell you what i do, if i am over weigth( max something like 5kg - 10 pounds), i just start being more active, i try not to seat, i try do drink every thing COLD( i wanna say break ice, with flavor, and eat).

Now for conditioning, i follow something like ross has on his web site, but a little diferent, every conditioning day i do something diferent, my favorite is kind of a fullbody circuit 30s echa part as fast as you can, for a total of 4-5m, rest 1 , do it again for 5-9 times, so you can adapt with your exercises.

I think that if you wanna get conditioned |VERY| FAST, it is simples, to it EVERY day, in your condition days and after yout BJJ, no need for balls to the wall every time, make on yout conditioning day on MAX, in the other days, ligth or medium. keep the good work!

Cool, thanks for the advice guys!

i think i’ll go with more endurance based stuff for now, to prepare/sustain for the PT test, then transition to lifting in the fall/winter. i guess really adopting a pseudo periodization schedule, but more for specific gaols than to “peak,” per se.

btw ZeCarlo, me and a couple guys in my battalion might start a Combatives team to compete down in Benning…didn’t know if you knew about that, but i don’t think it really takes anything to set it up.

I saw the combatives competition on the military channel a couple months ago, looked awesome, wish they had something like that when I was still in. Although going against Tim Kennedy would not be that appealing to me.

As for conditioning, I’m not sure how I’d balance staying in shape for a PT test with conditioning for BJJ. Generally the best way to get in condition to grapple is to grapple, but I’ve also found that intervals or 400 meter repeats are beneficial to my body’s ability to recover.

I second the thought that sprints are very good for the combat athlete, I don’t run anything over 400 meters unless I’m just trying to loosen up and get the blood flowing every once in a great while when I’m feeling too sore to do my sprint workout.

I agree with slimjim, i have found that the best way to increase your cardio capabilities in the ground game is to just grapple for time.