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Suggestions for Conditioning Program

Hey, i’ve got a very broad question here, and am looking for either general, or specific advice.

first a little background…i just turned 32, and have put on some weight in the last year (20-30lbs of blub). actually i put on more, but have lost about 20 in the last few months (this is all due to a thyroid issue i ahve, and ma being treated for).

I started BJJ about 3 months ago, and am really enjoying it. for a while i was kickboxing as well, but i got tired of it, as the instruction was kinda lame. and besides, when i was younger i was pretty good at Muay Thai.

now i’m more concerned with learning BJJ as a hobby, as well as how it applies to my profession as a police officer (full time) and soldier (part time).

i can train BJJ Mon, Wed, Thur and occasionally Saturday. the problem i’m running into, is getting my other conditioning training in.

now i also have to pass a PT test for both the National Guard and work, so i need to keep at pushups, situps and a 2 mile run. and i’m finding as i’m getting older, my recovery has gone to crap…i simply can’t roll 4 days a week and still do 2-3 days of conditioning.

here’s what i’m thinking for a workout scedule:

Sun: off
Mon: BJJ 6-9 PM
Tue: Condtioning
Wed: off
Thur: 7-9 BJJ
Fri: Conditioning
Sat: off, or roll BJJ at 10:00 AM

i was thinking the day following BJJ would work better for conditioning, since i don’t want soreness to affect my technique.

my basic conditioning would be something like this:

pushups (with Perfect Pushup bars)

then abs and some neck work, followed by a 2 mile run

does this all seem viable for my goal of maintaining strength, increasing enduance and losing bodyfat?