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Suggestions For Canker Sores


Anyone else get them? Right now I have one all the way in the back of my mouth where my jaw meets the roof of my mouth, which is also where my tongue rubs it.

Anyway, it makes eating a huge bitch when you get about 2 or 3 a month.

Any suggestions??


I hope you're not dating my ex-girlfriend....

Anyway, I usually just gargle with salt water - not a perfect solution, but it definitely helps. Especially right before bed.


It might not be a canker sore.....


I get them all the time and I usually just ride it out. Mainly because I always forget to put anything on it. But if I do remember, I put some ambesol or any kind of numbing medicine on it.

Gel toothpastes always seem to set one off, even if I use it only once.


I've been getting them since I was 4, so I know they're canker sores. It would suck to be dating a few girls, then all of a sudden you're getting sores in your mouth at 25. That would not be a good feeling, and probably would not be a real "canker sore."


It is.


Try taking 1g of L-Lysine on an empty stomach twice a day until the sore disappears.

Take 1g a day for maintenance.

Good luck!


Ya, I get them. My son gets them. My dad got them. I think it's genetic.

I mix a level tsp of baking soda in 4 to 6 oz. of warm water and rinse it around in my mouth for about a minute. The sore stops hurting within an hour and is gone in a day or two.



They can also be caused by a mineral deficiency. I used to get a lot until I started taking a multi. Now, they are very rare.


I have had a few as well, like it was said previously Glyoxide works well and dosent even taste all that bad either.


I too used to get them monthly or so. In the couple of years I've been taking a multi-vitamin, I've only had 2 brief episodes.


If salt water isn't a powerful enough astringent try using some tea tree (melaleuca) oil. Be warned, it's horribly foul tasting.


Just spray with Chloroseptic...it will numb and heal!


I get about ever 2 months, bad ulcers either at the back of mouth (on the sides near those things that feel like gills, sorry for vague terminology) or just inside my lip in front of my front teeth.

They seem to crop up in response to eating stuff like cherry tomatoes or drinking wine. They hurt like hell.


Stop eating huge bitches.

Are you paying for it? Cause that might be part of the problem


i've gotten a few of them from mouth trauma, usually from elbows. whenever they appear now, my body's telling me i haven't been giving it enough sleep.

i can see how a saltwater rinse would help, and topical analgesics work well when i no longer enjoy that particular pain.


I often bite the inside of my mouth whilst piggin out on food, and they develop into sores, the saltwater helps too.


I use orajel liquid, works well for choking down cottage cheese, too.