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suggestions for best post workout GI foods and good protein powder

A real big thanks to the guys who replied to my request for information on whether this relative newbie should be supplementing. You guys are great. Regarding the concept of taking in high GI foods after working out, can you give me some suggestions? Also, some of you thought that I could hold off on using the Surge until I’ve got more time in the gym. Any idea how much time I should give myself before I start using it? (for what it’s worth, I’m on the EDT now, working out hard and eating very clean.)
Finally, any recommendations for a good protein powder?
Ya’ll have helped me a lot. I appreciate the advice. Thanks very much.

Gatorade has a GI of about 112 from what I remember, so you may want to consider that as a relatively inexpensive source. You could drink a serving, and then drink a shake made with whey protein and water.

Another option would be to order some bulk maltodextrin or dextrose and add them to your whey shake. Hope this helps.

Yeah, I agree with those carb sources for post workout.

Surge, you can start using after about three months. Your body will grow fast right now since your a beginner. It’s gonna be a shock to the body. So waiting off is a good idea as when you plateau for that period then surge will definately come in handy.

Whey proteins that I recommend would be a simple or whey concentrated (iss research whey matrix, eas simply protein, Grow, and prolab just whey) for every day use. As far as post workout protein then you need a better protein like CYTOPRO, GROW, PRECISION PROTEIN, and Ion or isolated protein for its insulin reaction.