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Suggestions for Beginning Cycle


Planning to start my first cycle. Definetely test for 12 or 14 weeks at 500mg per week, and deca for 6 weeks at 200 mg. Originally considering d-bol but opted for deca instead. As well as nolva for pct. As far a deca is concerned, I read it is injected once per week. And since I am stacking with test is it better to use 200mg per week opposed to 300mg. Any suggestions would be great.


Nolva for PCT wont cut the mustard dude. You opted for deca instead of the mighty dbol? Reasons? What is your understanding on the subject of PCT? Don't just copy and paste a wiki.


Ive talked to people who have taken both and deca seems right for me. I am looking for leaner gains, as well as strength gains


deca for 6 weeks isn't good as it might take that long for that drug to kick in because of such a long ester.

Test should be shot E3D and if your running deca with it I'd shoot it with the test E3D in the same syringe.

I'd run the deca for 10 weeks and test for 12. You will not want to run the deca as long as the test.

200-250mg/week deca seems fine.

I agree Nolva won't do it. I'd recommend reading on the test taper in the stickies.

Good luck



For a first cycle, I would recommend my first cycle. 250mg/wk Test Enanthate wks 1-10, 30mg/ED Dbol wks 1-4.

This cycle produced a 30 lbs gain and was able to retain 20-25 lbs after pct. Your first cycle will produce great gains with minimum AAS.

Just a suggestion, you have to choose your own path. But, you will need more than Nolva for PCT, especially if you decide to use deca.

Goodluck bro.


sorry but I have to be the dick and ask...

age,stats,training history



I did some reasearch, and it all said for a complete recovery hgc should be used with the nolva. However I am having trouble finding information anywhere besides forums. Ive talked to experienced users, half recomended d-bol and half recomended deca.

I am 20 yrs old, 6'3" 265 lbs. I plan to lose 10-15 lbs of fat before I begin the cycle, I wrestle practice mma and have been aproached by numerous people to enter a bodybuilding contest. Among these people are current and former competitive national level bodybuilders. I know 20 is young to begin a cycle, but I have poor genetics and have reached my genetic potential.


BTW I have been training for 6 years, 5 years constant (5x per week)


Stats look good, I believe you are ready to start AAS. Reaching your genetic potential is key, so it looks like you have a good head on your shoulders. Keep researching, knowledge is power.


Jukebox, what do you recommend as far as further research. I found sites such as steroids101 and I-steroids helpful. Anything else besides forums?


I have used deca successfully in 6 week cycles - but i would recommend you frontload the dose to get the best results from this drug. It wont begin to work till the 4th week otherwise.
I wonder why you are deciding to run the test for such a long time..

I know that when i was cycling i liked to use 6-8 week cycles. it allows easier recovery and allows more cycle per total period (per year or whatever).
You could frontload the test and the deca, run the deca for 6 and the test for 8.. this would be an excellent cycle and easier to recover from than 14 weeks on test, which i do not recommend for you at this time personally.

Deca really does seem to give the best results/side ratio at 2mg/lb bodyweight, so if you weigh 150lbs then 300mg deca would be nice - with 500mg test this would be a hefty first cycle IMO, but you will be happy.

I also liked to use single drugs for my first few cycles.. whether dianabol, deca or test - i used each alone to see what was going on.
Once i ran the three together i knew what was doing what to me in terms of gains and sides - so then i knew how to counter the sides or manage the gains without dropping the wrong drug or increasing the wrong one - or having to drop the whole cycle due to panic and uncertainty.

500mg test and 2-300mg deca - if both drugs are pure, then you are highly likely to have a potent rise in estrogen, which will likely manifest itself in gyno quickly.
Deca and test are a tittie boosting combo for sure.. make sure you run either letrozole or arimidex throughout the cycle, and taper it off after the cycle.

For a 6-8 week cycle (and a 2 week break post cycle before PCT) then a SERM/Nolvadex PCT will be fine for assisting recovery IME.

I think you will struggle if coming off a 14 week cycle however, again in my experience.

If you want to use HCG then use it during the cycle from week 3 to the end (wherever that may be) at either:

250iu 3x/wk
100iu ED
150iu EOD

as you can see the total dose is almost identical to the three most commonly recommended protocols for HCG - between 600 and 750iu.

the cycle i proposed is the following:

Wk1-8 500mg Test Enanthate (250mg 2x/wk)
Wk1-6 300mg Nandrolone Deca (150mg 2x/wk)
(To frontload inject 725mg of Test and 500mg of Deca on the first day of use, then follow with regular dose)
Wk1-8 Arimidex 0.25mgED+ approx.
Wk3-8 HCG 250iu 3x/wk or as above detailed

PCT 2 weeks after last inject: 40/40/20/20 tamoxifen



Brook, since it is my first cycle would it be better to substitute dianabol woth deca? If so would PCT change?


Jukebox: your first cycle looked pretty legit. If I decide to choose that (d-bol over deca) what PCT should be utilized to make a recovery and keep my gains?


Not Brook obviously, but I wouldn't recommend orals (ie. dbol) if you have a pre-existing cholesterol issue (I seem to recall you mentioning elsewhere that you are on lipitor... ignore this if I'm mistaken). Stay on top of the bloodwork either way.


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After doing more extensive research, I plan to utilize the following in my cycle:
10 weeks test 500mg mon&thurs injections
4 weeks d-bol 30 mg

PCT: According to Dave Palumbo Gaspari's version of nolvadex is just as good as actual nolvadex. I have been told by bodybuilders that Palumbo is very credible, but is this true?
Also, is HGC necessary since I am only running the test for 10 weeks?

The reason I plan to run test for 10 weeks instead of my original plan of 14 weeks is because it is my first cycle.



In fact Gaspari does not even make nolvadex. That company sells a product called Novedex XT which is NOT the chemical tamoxifen.

Palumbo sounds like someone is paying him.

Get a SERM from a research chemical supplier and do the PCT properly.


Proposed cycle
Test:1-10 500mg
D-bol:1-4 30mg
As far as dosage for the HCG is it better to inject daily or twice a week. Ive heard both are effective.

As far as the nolva, what doses would be best


Also, is arimidex necessary, Ive been getting mixed answers with my research (experienced users and internet)


Nolvadex does not start while you are still injecting testosterone. Most agree to wait a couple of weeks for the ester to clear before attempting to restart the HPTA with a SERM.

HCG is injected EOD I believe. Read about the differences between using during the cycle as opposed to after the cycle.

There is an entire stickied thread dedicated to the use of AIs/SERMs. Read it so you know understand what dosage to use.