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Suggestions for an Extreme Mass Cycle

im looking to go on a 12 week mass cycle. anyone have any suggestions besides the standard deca and test cycle? im taking tren now 1cc every other day to shed some body fat and get my strength up. after im finished im wanting to stay leaner and not gain to much unwanted fat sence ill be competeing next year but pack on some good size. thanks for your help.

You’ve opened yourself up for a good bit of flaming with that post. There’s no way on earth you put even five minutes of effort into looking over the stickied threads at the top of the steroid forums.

Look those over. Rephrase your opening post with something that shows you know a little about what you’re talking about, and undoubtedly you’ll get answers.

While I totally echo the sentiments of 5.0 and am seriously wanting to question you as to why you are taking 1cc of tren EOD [you didn’t reference anything else you are on], allow me to say don’t knock deca-test as a bulker. Throw in some dbol and there’s a reason its referred to as the trifecta.