Suggestions for After the Power Look Training

Hello All,

First time poster. I have been looking through the forums and topics. I read in multiple places that it is best to take a few weeks between power look and 915 (which I plan on next) and to use the time to do a basic bodybuilding type workout. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good workout to follow? I really got great results from power look and I am afraid of losing the gains I have made. I typically get to the gym on a 5 day a week basis. Looking for new and fresh ideas.

Thanks in advance.


You wont lose gains in 2 weeks or so, even if you were to stop training completely. The most important now is to recover and avoid fatiguing the nervous system. I would keep practicing the main lifts but not going hard, just working on form with a weight that represents a 7/10 effort (leaving about 3 reps in the tank) using about 70-75%. I would then include mostly isolation work, not going to failure, and do neural charge workouts once or twice per week. See the 2 weeks between programs as a way to recharge your battery, not to force more gains. If you go too hard you will crash by week 5 of the 915 program

Thanks Coach.