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Suggestions for a PCT

Unsure how to exactly do my PCT even if I know the general guideline.

Goal is to recover as much natural function and never take roids again, not cruise or whatever.

Cycle was delatestryl testosterone enanthate only, 4-5 weeks going up gradually from 65 mg to 250 mg, then 7-9 weeks at 350 mg

0.25 mg ugl arimidex per week for doses below 150 mg, 0.5-0.75 mg up to 250 and approx 1 mg for 350 then 1.25 for the last 2 weeks.

I don’t have hcg, only ugl nolvadex.

-How long do I stop testosterone before starting PCT and from which injection do I calculate (once a week 350 mg vs 100 mg EOD, I do the later)

-Do I taper out testosterone or I just stop abruptly and in how many weeks do I taper out to what dose. What dose arimidex do I use during that time.

-How much weeks do I take nolvaldex and at what dose?

I am 240lbs 6"0 26 years old.

Just stop and wait 10 days. Then do nolva for 6-8weeks depending on recovery @20mg; 10mg last 2 weeks.

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Great, I’ll do exactly that.

Any recommendation of moments to get blood work done to monitor the recovery? Got 2-3 request sheets laying around with testosterone on it already that I could take and maybe add some things on.

I’m not very sure. I can only tell you what I do, which is get bloodwork 1 and 3 months after PCT.

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