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Suggestions for a New Protein Powder?


Pretty much since muscle gauge changed their formula around their protein powder has become pretty shitty tasting/consistency, so im looking for something new (gonna take the stuff all the time might as well enjoy it)

Gotta be either Whey Isolate, or egg protein (never tried the stuff before). No regular Whey being that im lactose intolerant.

Any good recommendations price/taste wise ?


I have heard rumours that a company called Biotest makes good products.


Did you hear any rumors about them making Whey Isolate too ?

Because last I checked they don't sell it


You realise you are on a Biotest website? Why does it have to be a Whey Isolate?


AST VP2 is good, used it for years


Sure do, use this site everyday (albeit mostly the articles/skimming forums)

Lactose Intolerance

Not really interested in getting sick as shit from dairy (regular Whey/Casein) products.

I have no probs using other Biotest products, but they simply don't offer dairy free protein powders. So im forced to go elsewhere.


I don't know if it's out of your budget but, MAG-10 is lactose free and doesn't seem to cause any issues with those who have allergy/sensitivities.


60$ a month for PP I could deal with if one container lasted a month , but @ 10g protein per serving and 30 servings for 60$, youre talking WELL over 300$ a month for protein powder thats pretty nuts, if not absurd


ON is a good comp. Just stay away from there BCAA 2200 liquid. It taste like squat. The proteins are good tho.