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Suggestions for a Good Moisturizer?


Does anyone have suggestions for a good moisturizer for my face. I'm a guy with normal - to oily skin.

I know some moisturizers are probably worthless and some not worthless so can anyone explain whats in a moisturizer that makes it good (vitamim a, b, c, etc...)


I dated an esthitician for 4 years and my current girlfriend of 2 years is a makeup artist. needless to say I know quite a fair amount about skin care at this point.

MOST important thing in a moisturizer is SPF. A lot of new moisturizers have come out talking about antiaging or wrinkle reduction and some of those products are good but the sun is the number one agent that damages your skin. So stick with a moisturizer that has around an spf 15 for daily use. But try different moisturizers out.

My girl uses a moisturizer that she loves and swears by, I tried it and didn't like it at all. So it's up to you and how it feels against your skin. Don't get caught up in buying "mens" moisturizers either. A lot of men look only for MENs lotion. Probably with this is men are a very small market for things like lotions and facial products. SO the womens market which is much more profitable and has a lot more variety has better products then most mens.


I like the natural approach to these kinds of things. I suggest not buying lotion and just using Olive Oil to moisturize youu skin and hair.


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I recently read somewhere, maybe even this site, that sun block may not be healthy for you because of Vitamin A in it or something like that. I mean i'll still use sunblock when I know I'm going to be in the sun for a while but to put it on everyday seems like a bad idea (well if its true about sun block being bad for you).

And btw you're definitely right about sun messing with your skin because I already have sun damaged skin at the age of 22 because of a few extremely bad sunburns from accidentally forgetting my sunblock when I was outside for like 10 hours in the sun and I'm extremely WHITE.


You can find lotions that do not contain vitamin A. From what i've hear the claims against vitamin A have not been confirmed yet, but are being brought to light. So until then if you want to be completely safe go with a mineral lotion with SPF.

The problem with sunblock is that they are getting up to spf 100 and a lot of these super sunblocks have bad chemicals used to balance them and people think they are safe so are staying in the sun longer and also are not applying the correct amount of sunblock which reduce it's effects.

Either way the lotion with SPF are rarely above 15, so you wont have to worry about that. Get a mineral lotion with titanium and spf and you'll be fine. Also make sure you are supplementing vitamin D in your diet to compensate for the lack of Vitamin D absorption due to the SPF and you'll be fine.


The best face moisturizer I have used is Baxter of Califorinia oil-free. It goes on smooth with no shine.


Roman shower or GTFO!


Corn Huskers Lotion. Well I use that on my hands for calluses, I have no idea about the face though.


Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion


Good stuff.


Good post and yeah I started taking vitamin D3 6000 iu everyday about 2 months ago.


Has anyone tried Zirh moisturizer. I recently bought their pre shave oil, shaving cream, after shave lotion (Soothe), and face was (Clean) after a poster suggested a few things from them. And I really like each product especially Clean, but the poster also said their moisturizer was too heavy....but I'm really impressed by the other products so I'm debating whether to order the moisturizer.

So any second opinions on the Zirh???


Complex 15, best thing out there.


Most Zirh products suck. They are overpriced, I assume simply because celebrities endorse it. A few hours after applying their moisturizer my face looked like an oil slick.


Well not that i've used too many face washes or shaving creams and stuff but I do shave my head and find their products better than regular shaving cream and I was getting tired of red bumps and 'Soothe' so far has helped.

And I hate that shiny oily look on my face so I guess I'll pass on the Zirh moisturizer.

Thanks for the suggestions so far guys.


This was probably me.

Zirh Clean is the best facial cleaner I've ever used, and their shaving stuff is amazing (except the gel...get the cream), but yes, their facial moisturizers are very oily and heavy.

Try Biotherm T-Pur Mattefying moisturizer. Much better than the Zirh with no shine.


I think I heard Dr. Oz hyping moisturizers with glycirine. Sounded heavy duty.


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Yep it was you, I recognize the avatar.

You've had some good suggestions so far so I'll probably give the biotherm a try, but fuck this stuff can get expensive lol