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Suggestions/Comments v. Nitrix


Hey guys some people were recommending me some supplements and pills...they mentioned Nitrix alot.

Any suggestions or comments about Nitrix?

I do workout occasionally(now I do workout almost everday) and Im not by any means small. People regulary ask me about working out thinking I regulary do so. But I want to get alittle more bulk and strenght.


Me personaly, have never taken it. But some of my buddies took it in Iraq when thats all we had to do in our off time was lift. They said that they loved it. And that it worked pretty good for them.

So Im just going by what they say.

My workout partner takes it and says it does him pretty good. So why not give it a shot.

The only reason I havent taken it is because I just dont want to add another supplement to what I have been taking.



Focus on improving your training and diet if you want better results.

There's really no point in wasting your money on supplements like this when you can get so much more out of manipulating your training and diet at this point.